5 Tips To Boost iPhone Battery



There is no worse feeling than being out and about, far from a charger, and seeing your iPhone battery symbol go to red! If you’re expecting a call or an important email to come through, then you simply need your phone to remain switched on. Make sure that you don’t run out of battery by following these five tips to boost iPhone battery.


1. Shut down all the apps that you aren’t currently using

Apps running, even in the background, can consume a lot of your battery. If you aren’t currently using the apps, get into the habit of shutting them down to save battery power.

To view all the apps that you have running, you will need to double tap your Home button. A list will pop up that you can scroll through by swiping left and right. To shut down the apps that you aren’t using, press down on each and swipe up.

This can be done multiple times a day if you’re used to opening lots of apps on your iPhone.


2. Turn on Low Power Mode

If you’ve upgraded your operating system to iOS 9, then congratulations, you are in luck! One of the features that Apple has put in the latest version of the mobile operating system is the lifesaving ‘Low Power Mode’.

Low Power Mode can allow you to gain up to three hours more out of the life of your battery. It’s not a default option when you’re running your phone but it can easily be switched on. It turns off some running background tasks like fetching mail and automatic downloads.

To switch it on, you will need to go into Settings, then Battery and then flick the toggle switch on Low Power Mode (it will turn green). Switch it off once you’re fully charged again.


3. Turn down your brightness

One of the most battery consuming tasks on your iPhone is keeping the screen bright. Although you’ll need a brighter screen for viewing things if you’re out in the sunshine during the day, you won’t need a bright screen if you are indoors or if it is night time. This is especially a big power hog if you’re on your phone for extended periods of time.

To turn down your brightness, swipe up from the bottom of your screen. This will show your iPhone Command Center. Find the Brightness slider and pull it all the way over to the left. This will set your iPhone to the dimmest brightness, and you will conserve more power.




4. Switch it to Airplane Mode

If you don’t need your phone for making calls and receiving/sending text, and you’ve got an active Wi-Fi connection so you don’t need to use data, then set your iPhone to Airplane Mode – it’s not only while you’re travelling! Airplane Mode consumes less power than having your phone in regular mode, while still allowing you to access pretty much everything.

To switch on Airplane Mode, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to enter the Command Center. All you will need to do from here is press the Airplane icon, and switch on Wi-Fi if necessary. When you’re finished, press Home to exit. Switch it back off when you need to use your phone for data or calls and texts.


5. Switch off cellular data

Using your 3G or 4G connection chews up a huge amount of battery. If you already have an active Wi-Fi connection or if you don’t need network access to do your phone tasks, you should be switching off your cellular data connection to save yourself some battery.

To switch off your cellular data, go into Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data and set toggle switch to off – it should turn grey instead of green. You can easily flip it back on again when you leave Wi-Fi range or need network access again.


If you find that you’re constantly running out of charge still, why not invest in a portable charger? There are iPhone cases that actually provide your phone with up to 1/3 more charge than you would get from your phone alone, or you can purchase yourself a powerbank that can easily be carried in your pocket or purse.


So if you’re always on the verge of losing your battery charge when you need your iPhone the most, simply follow these tips to boost iPhone battery.

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