Apple iOS 10 New Features

Apple iOS 10 New Features – Everything You Wanted to Know About iOS 10


September 13th 2016 will go down as a red letter day in the history of Apple products. It witnessed the public unveiling of the iOS 10 and if you don’t know why that is life changing… you probably may have been living under a large rock.

The iOS10 is literally the best thing since sliced bread!

It has a whole roster of 50 plus amazing new alterations and additions to the much loved Apple operating system. Some are subtle and some are “whoa” inducing. All in all, if you haven’t used the iOS10 on iPhones or iPads, you may not even realize what you are missing.

And no, we are not exaggerating.

10 on 10: Ten iOS 10 Features that Make Life Easier


1.     Facial Recognition Coupled with Album Search: The sociable type? Got plenty of friends and family members that you love clicking selfies with? Well, the iOS10 has you covered. You can now add names to the people in your clicks and Apple will automatically save them to the People and Places folder within the gallery. When you search by the name of a particular individual, the system “recognizes” all existing photos with the person and offers them to you – neatly categorized. Is it 100% accurate? Not yet! It won’t be able to tag Halloween costume pictures right. But it is getting there nevertheless.


iPhone iOS 10


2.     Note Collaboration: How can you leave social out of anything? Want to go shopping with friends and need to share a quick list of items with them? No worries. Just click on the tiny “collaboration” icon to the top right of your Notes and choose contacts from your contact book, Facebook or Pinterest to put your head together with.

iPhone iOS 10 feature


3.     Voicemail Transcription: So many people wondered when Apple would introduce this particular functionality! And their wishes have been granted. When you are stuck in meetings and calls go to voicemail, you can discreetly check the transcribed content of the message without disturbing your boss. Cool, right?

iPhone voicemail iOS 10


4.     Siri’s Unchained: Apple gave us the powerful voice assistant Siri and then put her on a leash by restricting the ability to access third party applications. But they must have considered Alexa’s popularity and known about Google’s new Pixel assistant because iOS10 unchains Siri. Now you can ask her to book an Uber or send a WhatsApp message. But don’t forget the “Hey Siri”. That’s still mandatory.


5.     Event Suggestions by iOS 10: If you are always forgetting to add events and meetings from your emails and messages to your calendar, the new version of the native calendar app takes care of your oversights. It shows “suggested events” from mails and messages within Apple’s system. You can accept the ones you would like to be notified for and ignore the rest. You can also turn off this ability by navigating to Settings and clicking on Calendar.

iPhone iOS10 Calendar


6.     Music Lyrics: Remember the time when you used to hum your favorite songs or sing them with lyrics that had nothing to do with the original? Those days are long gone and Apple is taking the music experience up a notch! Now you can enjoy lyrics without even browsing the web. Just check under the audio controls and you can see them, streaming as the track progresses.

iPhone Lyrics


7.     The Emoji Dictionary: For those who love to communicate visually, the iOS10 has a special treat. To augment the traditional dictionary, Apple has introduced the emoji dictionary. Every time you type out a word, the system will suggest emojis related to its meaning. So call someone a “monkey” and you will see two laughing primates swinging from your message bar, ready to be plucked and used in the text. Go enjoy yourself.

iPhone emoji dictionary


8.     More Secure Payments: The global economy is trying to go cashless and Apple iOS10 supports this transition. Users can securely process payments directly from the Safari browser without ever needing to reveal their sensitive credit and debit card details to eCommerce platforms. The touch pay authentication makes it impossible for anyone, except you…or someone with your fingerprints…to access the wallet and validate the transaction.

iPhone cashless


9.     The Pick-Up Detector: Just want to check your notifications without unlocking the system? Well now you can. The iOS10 uses the phone’s gyroscope to detect when it is picked up and lights up the lock screen automatically. If the messages and updates are relevant, you can choose to look deeper. Otherwise just go on with your life.



10.     Removal of Native App Icons: Pristine screens are finally yours. Apple’s bucked the tradition of the permanent presence of native app icons like Messages and Calendar and is allowing users to remove them from the home screen. Of course uninstallation isn’t possible. But this will allow people who use Gmail and WhatsApp to easily access the applications they love.

deleted native apps on iPhone


Are you smitten by any of the Apple iOS 10 new features? Please share them in the comments and let us know.


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