Apple Watch

The Apple Watch & iPhone


If you are reading this article, chances are you have just invested in an Apple Watch.

Hang on tight because your life is about to change for the better.

Considering the fact that you may have been set back by anywhere between $200 and $300 (or even more!), you need some buyer’s guilt alleviation. The good news is – the Apple Watch is a seamless, aesthetically pleasing and very effective accessory that will give you a taste of living in the future. The newly released Series 2 comes with a number of band options, colors and finishes that complement the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 commendably.


3 Reasons Why the Apple Watch is a Great Buy


First and foremost, it looks amazing!

1. The Apple Watch actually works. It is not just hype. A wearable smart device that does everything promised in the adverts and the instruction pamphlet. You can access your favorite apps through the watch, you can instruct Siri and you can even use Apple Pay to start operating in a cashless, wallet free world.


2. The Apple Watch can’t replace the iPhone and that is where the elegance of the match lies. The wearable device has just enough of the “mini tools” to bring you conveniences like checking messages, receiving calls, and being alerted of calendar events. But Apple doesn’t try to cram the whole plethora of iPhone features into the watch. This is a very wise decision. The iPhone is performance and the watch is greater personalization and mobility. It doesn’t get better than this.


3. The Apple Watch is also part Fitbit. It can register calories lost, the steps walked and the little daily fitness accomplishments that fuel the motivation to keep trying. This smart device is Apple’s successful foray into wearable tech and we can only assume that in time, the Apple Watch will become one of the easiest ways to monitor vitals and stay healthy.


How to Charge up Your Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch doesn’t have a charging port and this might be confusing to first time users. The power replenishment happens through induction. When you unpack the Apple Watch box, you get a flat charging unit with a slightly curved side. This latches on perfectly to the underside of the smart device and a loud beeping sound indicates that the process is underway. You can also see a red or green lightning bolt on the face of the dial. Ensure that the magnetic attraction between the watch and the charging unit is strong. If it isn’t, you may have placed the watch on the wrong side.

how to charge the Apple Watch


How to Sync your Apple Watch & Your iPhone?

In order to enjoy all the advantages offered by the Apple Watch, you need to synchronize or pair it with your iPhone. When this is successfully done, you can access your inbox, your contacts, your call log and other features directly from the watch display. In fact your favorite iPhone applications may even have corresponding watch counterparts. These aren’t the fastest and often the interface looks a little chaotic but most of them can handle rudimentary tasks quite well.

Most importantly you can adjust the watch settings from the native watch app that the iPhone comes pre-installed with.

So let’s get started.

1.     Choose the Language option from the Apple Watch display.

2.     Click the Apple Watch app icon on the iPhone.

3.     Choose the option Start Pairing on both the iPhone app and the watch display.

 pairing the Apple Watch



4.     As soon as you do this, the iPhone screen will show the yellow box or the view finder and the Apple Watch display will flash the unique pattern that has to be centered within the view finder.


Apple Watch view finder


5.     Once this is done, the notification “Apple Watch is Paired” will be triggered.

6.     From here on, you have to take a number of steps:


  • (i)            Set up the Apple Watch as a “new watch” or recover data from the available backup files
  • (ii)          Choose the wrist you will be wearing the Apple Watch on
  • (iii)        Agree to the iTunes terms and conditions
  • (iv)          Log in with your Apple ID
  • (v)            Configure the system to unlock the Apple Watch whenever the iPhone is unlocked
  • (vi)          Tap OK to signal that you have read and understood how diagnostics, hands free Siri, and geolocation will work on the two devices
  • (vii)        Create and save either a long password or a short pin directly from the touch keypad on the Apple Watch display and confirm it


7.     Finally select the iPhone apps that you would like to access on the watch and allow the sync to complete. The time taken depends on the volume of data, applications and settings you are importing from the iPhone.


how to sync Apple Watch


The Apple Watch and iPhone are a match made in tech heaven. Go ahead, enjoy the experience!


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