Best iTunes Replacement for Mac

If we learnt anything from the awesome 2015 Steve Jobs biopic, it’s that Apple systems are closed systems: designed to be incompatible with anything else.

An unfortunate byproduct of this is that we all have to deal with using iTunes for our music and media management software. Since Apple only want you to use their software and buy your music and movies through their channels, then we’re all expected to just swallow iTunes as the only software that we can use to download our music to our Macs, iPads, and iPhones.

iTunes does its job, but let’s be honest – we want alternatives on how we sort and find our media. For too long, iTunes has been the only program that Apple users can use to store and play all their media from. But not anymore.

Forget that!

The best itunes replacement for Mac for those of you that are just fed up is called TunesGo.




TunesGo by Wondershare is a clean and easy-to-use music manager that will make you regret ever using iTunes. What does it do? Everything that iTunes does plus a whole lot more.


Import and Export Music

Easily import all your music from iTunes and use it wherever you like! This includes sharing between iOS devices, Mac computers, Windows and Android devices. It syncs both ways so every device can access the same list – much like iTunes but across your Android devices, too. Now, you’re no longer bound by your operating system when accessing your music (just because you’ve got an iPhone but chose to get a Samsung Galaxy tablet while it was on sale).


New Music Discovery

You can use the Discover function to find out new music and free playlists, all from the program dashboard. Discover new tunes by genre, scene and mood, top lists, and new or hot songs and lists. Find new music all with one easy click.


Download Music Direct from the Web

TunesGo lets you download music from all your favorite sites, including YouTube. Now you won’t have to buy a song just because you want to add it to your library. This feature opens you up to a whole new world of opportunity. That YouTube playlist that you used at your last party? Download it to TunesGo so that you’ll always have it on hand. Too simple!


Record Music from Streaming Services

Much like the awesome download feature, you can also record music direct from Spotify or Internet radio services. This is a great feature if you’re really digging on someone’s Spotify playlist and you’d like to save it for offline listening another time, or if you’re a big fan of live radio and want to grab some sound bytes.


Intuitively Arrange your Collection

Clean up your music collection, add tags to your music, add missing album covers, delete duplicates, remove missing tracks, and fix music with errors in it, all from the TunesGo dashboard.


Burn Mixtapes for your Car

Well, not tapes exactly, but CDs. If your car doesn’t have an AUX cord for plugging in your phone, then you can always burn some CDs to take out driving with you. TunesGo lets you burn CDs directly from the program, so you don’t need to open up anything else.


TunesGo is the perfect substitute for people that just don’t find iTunes to be doing the job that they want. It’s got some great features that aren’t available in iTunes, like downloading and recording music from the web and streaming services, and it’s nicer to use too. If you’re on a lookout for an alternative to iTunes or would want to know rather what’s the best iTunes replacement for Mac, then TunesGo is your best bet.


Why not give TunesGo a try to see what we’re raving about? It’s everything you want that iTunes doesn’t do (and more!) plus it’s highly recommended too.



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