How To Recover Contacts from iPhone 6

Let me put in a little disclaimer here. In the 15 years or so I’ve had of mobile phone ownership, I would have to say that I have lost about the same number of phones. Probably more. I am not the most responsible mobile phone owner.

I’ve left my phone on the bus, I’ve left my phone at the bar, I’ve left my phone in a hotel room, I’ve left my phone at the beach, I’ve even left my phone in a public toilet!

Every time I’ve ever lost my phone, it has been an absolute pain in the… ahhhmm… well you know. I’ve had to hunt down contact details of friends, family and business contacts, and sometimes they’ve been lost forever.

When it happened again with my iPhone 6, I was so sick of having to do the old ‘send me all your contact details’ thing to everyone on Facebook that I decided to actually see if there was a better solution.

And what do you know? There is.

It’s called Dr. Fone – made by a software company called Wondershare. This software can get back all your contacts just with a few mouse clicks. Dr. Fone works with iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, all iPads, iPod Touch 3 and iPod Touch 4.

The software can be downloaded in a Windows or Mac version; it runs on your computer, not on your phone. They also have a version for Android phones should you need data recovery for your Android device.


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There are three methods of recovery you can use that the program provides: recovery from your device, recovery from iTunes and recovery from iCloud. It supports a huge range of file types: Contacts, Reminders, Text Messages, Notes, Call History, Safari Bookmarks, Calendar, WhatsApp History, Facebook Messenger, Voicemail, Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Voice Memo, App Documents, App Photos and App Video.

The program itself has a clean, easy-to-use look and feel with simple instructions. You can try it as a demo version in the free trial offered and when ready to purchase, the software comes with a money back guarantee.

Read on for a complete guide on how to recover contacts from iPhone 6 using Dr. Fone.


How To Recover Contacts From Your iOS Device


Step 1. Select “Recover from iOS Device” on your Dr. Fone start up screen. It’s the tab at the top left of the page. If you have your iPhone 6, plug it in. If you don’t have the actual phone, you’ll need to move on to recovery from iTunes or recovery from iCloud.

Step 2. Start scanning you phone for data by selecting, you guessed it, “Start Scan”.iphone_sms3


Step 3. Wait for the device to scan. You’ll see how long you have left to wait by the blue bar up the top. Data will start filling up in the left and right panes on the window. Once it’s all discovered, go to your Contacts (under Messages & Call Log in the left hand pane). All your contacts, including those that may have been deleted, will pop up. Go through and select all the contacts you want to keep and select “Recover” to start saving them to your computer.

How To Recover Contacts From Your iTunes Backup File


Step 1. Select “Recover from iTunes Backup File” on your Dr. Fone start up screen. It’s the tab second from the left found on top. If iTunes has been installed on your computer and you’ve synced up your iPhone 6 to it, then iTunes will have created backups of the phone at that point in time for you. Look for the correct phone name of your device (and the correct date) and press “Start Scan” to begin scan of your iTunes backup file.iphone_sms6

Step 2. Allow enough time for the scan to complete. Again, you’ll be able to tell the progress of the scan by the blue bar up the top. When the scan has ended, go ahead and select Contacts under the Messages & Call Log heading in the left pane. All contacts stored on your phone at the time of the last backup will be listed. Go through and select the ones you’d like to keep. Press the “Recover” button to start saving your selected contacts to your computer.

How To Recover Contacts From Your iCloud Backup File


Step 1. Select “Recover from iCloud Backup File” on your Dr. Fone start up screen. It’s the tab second from the right found on top. You’ll be required to enter your Apple ID and password to retrieve the list of iCloud backups linked to your account.



Step 2. Wait for the list of backups to be retrieved. Select the entry with your iPhone 6 on it with the closest time. Press the “Download” button to get the backup file from iCloud.deleted_text10


Step 3. Wait for the backup file to download fully. When it’s done, go into Contacts under the Messages & Call Log heading on the left. Select all the contacts you’d like to keep, then press “Recover” to start saving your contacts to your computer.



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