How To Recover Text Messages from iPhone 5

As soon as the iPhone 6 came out, I had to have it. I’m one of those people that always have to upgrade as soon as the new version of something comes out, especially the latest iPhone.

So after I managed to get my hands on the iPhone 6, I still had this perfectly working iPhone 5 sitting around just gathering dust on my desk at home. My dad’s old phone was on the blink so I thought I’d do the good child thing and give him my old iPhone 5.

I don’t think he’s ever owned an Apple product so he was pretty chuffed about it, but also really confused.

Every day I’d be getting phone calls asking me how to do this, how to do that. I installed Candy Crush for him and didn’t hear from him for about a week, except for having a million requests on my Facebook for help with Candy Crush lives. That game is seriously addictive, especially if you’re retired it seems!

Anyway, one day he called me to say he’d managed to delete all of his text messages. ALL of them. I didn’t even know that was possible. So I worked it through with him to make sure he hadn’t accidentally deleted the text messaging app accidentally (I’m not even sure that’s possible, come to think of it), or that he was in the wrong app altogether.


It seemed he’d managed to delete all his messages and was left with nothing.

Dad being dad had important things in the messages on his phone, like the details for Aunt Diane’s 60th birthday and his old mate from high school’s new address, so he was mortified and was asking me how on earth he could recover them.

I’m not the tech whizz he believes me to be and I had no idea how to recover the text messages, as this had never happened to me! My tech whizz skills usually amount to how well I can Google things (a concept he doesn’t really seem to believe in for some reason), so I had a poke around the Internet and found this software product called Dr. Fone.

Dr. Fone promised to be able to recover text messages from iPhone 5 (and all other versions of iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch 3 & 4) as well as recover the messages remotely through the iCloud. This was the clincher for me as it meant I do all the work without having to travel halfway across the country to visit dad and go through the steps with him.


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Here are the steps I went through to get back the missing text messages.


1. Go and download Dr. Fone from Wondershare and install the software. If you’d like to go straight to recovery from iCloud, choose that option up the top. You also have the opportunity to recover from your phone and recover from your iTunes account. Since I was doing a remote recovery for dad, I need to use Recover from iCloud Backup File.




2. You’ll then have to enter the Apple ID and password for the iPhone account you want to do data recovery on. This may also be linked to your iPad, Mac etc. Dad had a few concerns handing over his details to me but I got there in the end!




3. After the Apple details have been entered into the software, it starts to retrieve all the backups made from all the devices linked to the account. The one pictured has a number of different iPhones but you may also see iPads and iPod Touches listed there if you have them linked to the same account. You need to find the backup to the correct iPhone 5 with the closest timestamp to when the data was lost. Once you’ve found that file, click the Download button next to it to start grabbing the backup folder contents from the Apple iCloud servers.




4. Wait around a bit.




5. Select what you want to recover from the backup file. You’ll be able to get Messages, Voicemail, Photos and a whole range of other things. Since I was only interested in the messages part, this is what I selected.




6. All the Messages found in the iCloud backup file will start coming up on the main window. From here, you can go through and check off which ones you want to save. Pressing the recover button will save them to your computer.

Once I’d done all of this, I managed to get the important information for dad and he was so happy. I felt like I’d won child of the year!

The Dr. Fone software can also recover text messages via iTunes (if you have connected your phone to your computer to sync) and in some cases, can recover the text messages from the actual phone.

You can also use Dr. Fone to fix your operating system software, with the option to Fix iOS to normal in the program.


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