How To Recover Text Messages from iPhone 6

Sometimes I do silly things. Sometimes they are by accident and sometimes they’re deliberate but just not very well thought out. Silly things like invite both of my friends who just had a nasty breakup to the same dinner party. Silly things like drive down to the convenience store at 3am for ice cream when I’m supposed to be on a diet. Silly things like buy a new TV just because it’s on sale, even if I’m perfectly happy with my old one.

But I’ve noticed that the most commonly occurring silly things that I do are all related to my iPhone. Leaving my phone unlocked in the vicinity of the office prankster – I’m sure to have a stupid Facebook status within minutes! Accidentally posting stupid pictures of myself to Snapchat. Forgetting my phone at the coffee shop. And here’s one I did the other night, right before I finally fell asleep, after being out for many hours at the bar – my memory is kind of hazy but I’m 100% sure it happened – I texted my crush and then deleted the text directly afterwards.

I’m guessing that I thought when I woke up I’d be too embarrassed with the message content to deal with myself, and better delete it before I remembered doing it! Unfortunately for me, I did remember doing it when I woke up and was instantly horrified. What on earth had I said? I didn’t have a reply so it must’ve been bad. My brain screamed at me. I just had to know what I’d said.

Luckily, my phone was plugged in at the wall and I remembered someone telling me that my iPhone 6 makes backups to the iCloud every 24 hours or so. The message might be still recoverable!

I checked out all the options available to recover text messages from iPhone 6 and decided to go with Dr. Fone. Dr. Fone is this cool piece of software that can recover lost data from your iPhone 6 (and other iPhones… and iPads… and iPod Touches…). It can recover text messages, photos, call history, reminders, basically all sorts of things! It also can recover from your actual phone, from your iTunes account or from your iCloud account as well as repair your operating system if that’s the issue.


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I’ll walk through the steps I went through using Dr. Fone to see if I could get that silly message back from my iCloud account.


Step 1.

I downloaded Dr. Fone and opened it up. Across the top of the program I had four options: Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup File, Recover from iCloud Backup File and Fix iOS to Normal. Knowing my best luck lay in the iCloud account, I chose the Recover from iCloud Backup File option.


Step 2.

Dr. Fone asked me to put in my Apple ID and password. After scratching my head for a few minutes, I finally remembered my password. So far so good.




Step 3.

After verifying my details, Dr. Fone lets me know that it’s retrieving my backup file information and I have to wait a while. I twiddle my thumbs for a few seconds, then the software generates a list of all the iCloud backups I’ve made. The one at the top of the list (with my iPhone 6 phone name) is the most recent backup. Its time and data match up to when I was sleeping the night before. Looking good!




Step 4.

I hover over the file and up pops a Download button in the State field, so I hit it.


Step 5.

More waiting…




Step 6.

A pop-up screen appears asking what sort of data I’d like to recover from my iPhone. Since I’m only after the messages, I uncheck all the other fields.




Step 7.

All my messages start to populate! Wahoo! I scroll through the list to check my messages to and from my crush – listed under their name, number and email. It’s there!!!




Step 8.

Tick the item/s you want to recover and save to your computer. After which, hit the Recover button with the curly arrow found at the bottom right of the screen.

So you’re wanting to know what the message that I sent was? Nope, it wasn’t “I have a crush on you” nor it wasn’t (thankfully) “What u up 2 ? ;)” – this one I’ve been known to send out on odd occasions. Nope, neither of these two. I shouldn’t have panicked. All I had written was “Did you get the notes from the lecture this week?”. Phew! Crisis averted!

Check out Dr. Fone for yourself if you wish to recover text messages from iPhone 6 as well as utilizing the cool stuff it is capable of doing, especially if you’ve done something silly like I did!


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