Recover Deleted Text Message iPhone

It’s bound to happen. You’ve either gone through methodically deleting all your old text messages, deliberately to make more room on your phone, or simply done it by accident and then realised OH NO!!! that you actually needed them. An address, someone else’s phone number, or simply a special message you like to read every now and then that makes you feel good.

Screaming, crying, pulling out your hair… These are all things that might make you feel a little better at first but the only real way to replace your calm is to go and get that message back!

Fear not, good readers, all is not lost. iPhones are “magical devices” wherein the data you keep on it, if it is deleted, is seldom, if ever, permanently gone.

Thankfully, the kind souls at Wondershare have developed a specialty software to get you back what you are missing. You can now recover deleted text message iPhone with Dr. Fone. This software works with all iOS devices – iPhones, iPads and even iPod Touch to help you recover your lost data. Not only will it recover accidentally deleted data, if you have a water-damaged iPhone, a broken iPhone, Apple logo screen of death or a cracked screen, Dr. Fone can also retrieve those data from either your device or your backup iTunes file.

Apart from deleted text messages, Dr. Fone also works in recovering the following: Camera Roll (photo & video), Photo Library, Photo Stream, iMessages, Contacts, Notes, Call , WhatsApp History, Reminders, Voicemail, Voice Memo, Safari Bookmarks, Calendars, App Videos, App Photos and App Documents.

Unlike the simple iTunes method, when using Dr. Fone, you can select individual messages, contacts and the likes to either store on your computer for future use or use the data to resync your device. This saves valuable space on your device and leaves all the unimportant bits you don’t need.

The devices that Dr. Fone supports are iPhone 3GS up to 6Plus, all iPads, and iPod touch 4 and 5. This means that even if you have an old device lying around that you’d considered its contents to be lost to the universe – you now have another recovery option.

Whether you have a Windows machine or a Mac, Dr. Fone can be the solution to recover deleted text message iPhone or your whole data. Let’s get started on how to go about it.



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Note: If you’ve been using your phone since the delete, some of the data may not be recoverable as every operation you perform on your phone can overwrite another section of data.

Method 1: Recover From iOS Device

1. Plug in your iPhone into your computer via its USB cord. If the phone is out of charge, you will have to wait until it has enough charge to switch on. Once your phone is plugged in and recognized, select the Recover from iOS Device tab and click Start Scan.


2. Dr. Fone will start scanning your phone and will come up with a screen just like this. You should see data starting to fill in the left column and the specific data files alongside with it. On the top is the software’s progress bar informing you how much scanning has already been done and the remaining time to scan. Wait until your progress is completed before attempting to do anything else.



3. To recover deleted text message iPhone, select the Messages column on the left hand side. You will then be presented with all your text messages (both deleted and still on your phone). If you want to view only the deleted messages, press the toggle button at the top labelled “Only display the deleted items“. When you have selected the items you want to grab, press the Recover button at the bottom right to save the messages to your computer.



Method 2: Recover From iTunes Backup File

1. Select the Recover from iTunes Backup File tab from the main page of Dr. Fone. It should display all your iTunes backup files, if you have made any. Select your iPhone backup file and then the Start Scan button.


2. Select the Messages column on the left hand side to view all your messages, both current and deleted in your iTunes backup file. Choose the messages you would like to save to your computer and hit the Recover button down the bottom right corner.



Method 3: Recover From iCloud Backup File

1. Go to the home screen of Dr. Fone and select the Recover from iCloud Backup File tab and enter your Apple details.





2. A screen will come up with all your old iCloud backups. Hover over the backup you would like to extract and hit the Download button.




3. Wait for your data to download. It will gradually fill up its various categories. Select the Messages category in the left hand pane, go through it, and select the messages you would like to keep. Hit Recover once selection has been made to save to your computer.


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