Data Recovery Other: Everything Else Matters Too

Photos, contacts, messages and videos get a lot of attention.

When people lose access to these types of data, the void is conspicuous.

Your cherished memories are wiped off!

You are left without the ability to connect to near and dear ones.

You may also lose a chunk of your personal and professional life as key data in message conversations is gone.

But what about your voicemails, your bookmarks, your music and your notes?

The sum total of your digital life is incomplete without them.

And when you think of data recovery, you need to consider options that will repopulate these categories as well.

Bookmarks Recovery 101:

Bookmarks allow you to directly re-visit your favourite websites and web pages without needing to tap Google over and over again.

In short, they are a good representation of your browsing preferences.

If you lose your bookmarks on your iPhone, you can download them from the Safari browser on your Mac and sync the two. Or you can use a data recovery application like Dr. Fone from Wondershare which requires only a tick in a checkbox to exhaustively recover the data.

Notes Recovery 101:

The world is divided into two types of people – those who use notes and those who don’t.

But those who do, tend to keep lots of them around on their iPhones and smart devices. Dr. Fone is capable of uncovering both text and voice notes (or memos) from the lost depths of the iOS and reinstating your access to them.

Call History Recovery 101:

This is by far the most neglected aspect of data backup and recovery. Unless people use backup installations that duplicate the information by default, it is unlikely that call logs and call histories can be found in the iCloud.

Recovery solutions need to dive into the system memory, get past encryptions and corruption and repopulate your chosen device.

Music Recovery 101:

Music recovery uses a lot of processing power as people have scores of songs saved in their iPhones and on their smart devices.

A tool that can get the job done is one that’s robust enough to recover your entire collection and streamlined enough to do it fast.

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