How to Recover Call History from iPhone

I have a bit of story to tell you about what happened to me the other Friday afternoon. I was at a networking event for young professionals when I met a guy who was involved in a company that sounded like a perfect fit for someone like me. We got along pretty well and he mentioned that they may have a position open for me in his company. He prank-called my phone so I’d have his number and told me to give him a call on Monday to arrange a chat at their office and talk about work opportunities. We went our separate ways at the end of the event and I left with a bit of a bounce in my step, knowing that this could be the opportunity I was looking for.

Now comes the not-so-good part.

Saturday afternoon, I’m playing around on my iPhone going through my Call History to find the guy-from-Friday’s number to store it in my Contacts. Just then, the dog jumps up on me and knocks the phone from me. I grabbed it several times, yelled at the dog, then flipped my phone up to make sure everything’s still okay.

It is not.

Somehow I’ve managed to delete my entire call logs! I yelled at the dog some more (sorry!) and started panicking. How on earth am I going to get this guy’s number back??

I quickly did a search on the Internet and found this software called Dr. Fone. It promises to retrieve all deleted data from an iOS device: messages, contacts, photos, videos, and most importantly, it can recover call history from iPhone!

Excited, but somewhat skeptical, I’ve downloaded the software quickly and started trying to find the missing call log.


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I’ll walk you over through the steps that I went through in finding my lost data. Dr. Fone has three methods in data recovery. The first is by using the device itself.



1. I started the software and chose to Recover from iOS Device. I plugged in my iPhone to the computer then clicked on the Start Scan button found at the bottom of the page.



2. I’ve waited a few minutes for Dr. Fone to grab all the data from my iPhone. I clicked on the Call History option (under Messages & Call log) on the left. There goes all my call logs! The log from the night before was still there and I had the guy’s number. Phew!


Buuuut…. now I was curious to see just what else this Dr. Fone software could do. The second option was to recover from iTunes backup file.



1. I clicked on the tab Recover from iTunes Backup File. All my devices sprang up in a list. Since I had plugged my iPhone to my computer on Saturday morning, I was able to sync it up to my iTunes account thus there was a backup sitting there. I pressed the Start Scan button to see what it would bring up.



2. I waited for the backup file to scan then went to see the Call History option on the left hand side. Once more, it showed the deleted history from Friday! The guy’s number was there again. Magic.


From thereon, I wanted to see whether I can recover data from my iCloud account too.



1. I went to the tab up the top labelled Recover from iCloud Backup File putting in my Apple ID and password as requested.



2. After a little while, all my iOS devices started coming up on the screen. Surely, I had an iCloud backup of my iPhone 6 dating midnight on Friday since I’d plugged my phone in to charge overnight. I clicked to Download that particular backup file.



3. I waited for the iCloud scan to complete. You can see how far the scanning is by checking the progress bar at the top. I went over again to the Call History option on the left, under the Messages & Call log. Up popped my deleted Call History (again!). I was onto a winner.


You too can use Dr. Fone to recover call history from iPhone or basically, get back all your deleted data. You can use it on an iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6. It also works with iPads and iPod Touch 3 & 4. There’s even a version for Android phones and devices if you need it.

The software comes in a version for the Mac or a version for the PC. It can be used multiple times on multiple devices, so if you have an old iPhone 4, you might want to see just what pops up if you run a scan.

Dr. Fone is easy to use, very comprehensive with its scanning, and saved me from crying into my soup later that afternoon.

Oh, and by the way, I called the guy, we’ve set up a meeting and I’m now a proud employee of the company! All thanks to Dr. Fone!

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