How to Recover Lost Safari Bookmarks from iPhone

Safari is Apple’s proprietary web browser that offers a rich and rewarding end user experience to iOS fans. Microsoft may have removed Safari from its BrowserChoice page, but Apple evangelists swear by its seamless fit with iOS products. Safari is just another reinforcement to Apple’s tenet of exclusivity. It comes with myriad iOS centric features like the ability to sync tabs and pages with other Apple products running the latest software and obviously the Web Clips icon that allows people to bookmark URLs with ease.

However, when an iPhone suffers liquid damage, processor overheating or device trauma, along with other data, Safari bookmarks are lost as well. Important links to online tools, content and even shopping items can no longer be accessed. This is inconvenient.

If you want to learn how to recover lost Safari bookmarks from iPhone, Dr. Fone happens to be the best choice. It is a streamlined yet powerful utility that can conduct scans in three comprehensive modes.



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Some Things to Keep in Mind


1. A scan should be run as soon as data loss is detected. This ensures higher probability of complete restoration. Continuing to use your iPhone may result in overwriting existing data that is present in the deeper memory caches.


2. An iPhone has to be put in Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) mode to allow scanning. To activate this mode:

  • Press the Power button for 3 seconds
  • Press the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds
  • Release the Power button but keep the Home button pressed for 15 more seconds



Since the time sequence needs to be precisely executed, Dr. Fone offers an animated guide with countdowns to facilitate the process.


3. The auto syncing of data between iTunes and iPhone has to be disabled. To do this, visit the iTunes dashboard, click ‘Preferences’, scroll to ‘Devices’ and then tick the option ‘Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically’. This ensures that when the iPhone is connected to Dr. Fone, data is not copied over from the iTunes backup files to the device without your permission.



How to Recover Lost Safari Bookmarks from iPhone in 3 Modes


Mode 1: Recover from iOS Device


This recovery mode is the trickiest to execute without Dr. Fone. Users opt for this mode when they are not regular with taking backups.


1. Connect the iPhone to a PC/laptop with Dr. Fone installed on it. Put the device in DFU mode as discussed. Launch Dr. Fone from the home screen/desktop and select the first option – Recover from iOS Device.


2. Allow the Dr. Fone system to duly analyze the model of the iPhone. This is to ensure compatibility and subsequently a successful scan. When a fit is found, the ‘Start Scan’ button becomes available.



3. Click the button to trigger the actual scan. A progress bar notes the time to scan completion. The two buttons ‘Pause’ and ‘Stop’ are used to disrupt a scan and recover items on the fly. To the left of the screen, you have the flexibility of using the directory of nodes to directly navigate and examine Safari bookmarks as they are being identified for recovery.



4. Once the scan is complete, the display screen comes on. You can click the nodes (each standing for a different data type) to selectively choose Safari Bookmarks. This ensures that you have to sort through only Safari Bookmarks and that images, videos or audios do not dilute your focus. You can also use the search bar to call up bookmarks by keyword. Note that you can select items individually or tick the master checkbox to choose them in bulk.


5. Once all the bookmarks are ticked, hit the blue ‘Recover’ button to complete the process. You can save the data as HTML files to the hard disk of the computer where Dr. Fone is installed or directly restore them to the connected iPhone.



Mode 2: Recover from iTunes Backup File


iTunes is Apple’s offline backup platform and it happens to save copies of Safari bookmarks for retrieval later down the line. Dr. Fone can extract iTunes data and give you the power to only restore bookmarks instead of syncing all the data types.


1. Connect the iPhone to your computer. Put it in DFU mode and launch Dr. Fone.


2. Choose the option ‘Recover from iTunes Backup File’. This will give Dr. Fone access to the iTunes backup containers saved to your computer that supports the iTunes account. You are required to identify the file that is the most likely to hold the Safari bookmarks you wish to restore. Utilize attributes like file name and serial number to do so. Hit ‘Start Scan’.




3. Allow the system to complete the scan, check the needed items and recover them either to the connected iPhone or save them as HTML files to the PC/laptop that is supporting the retrieval.




Mode 3: Recover from iCloud Backup File


iCloud is the online backup facility that is offered by Apple. Through the iCloud native app, you can sync your data to Apple’s servers for safekeeping. Thus iCloud is also a viable source to tap for missing/lost Safari bookmarks.


1. Connect the iPhone to Dr. Fone and choose the option – Recover from iCloud Backup File.


2. Input the iCloud login credentials to allow Dr. Fone access to the backup files.




3. From the list, select a backup file that will give you access to the bookmarks you need. Use file name and date of creation to narrow your choice. When the right container is ticked, click ‘Download’.



4. Since the backup data has to be downloaded from Apple’s servers, the pop-up helps ensure that only needed items are accessed and scanned. Tick the option ‘Safari Bookmarks’ to prevent the download of images, videos and other data types. After which, hit ‘Next’.



5. Allow the scan to complete and recover the required items to the connected iPhone.




Dr. Fone is the ideal utility if you need help how to recover lost Safari bookmarks from iPhone. It is a compact application that is user-friendly to boot. Here is a quick recap of the sequence:

  • Connect the iPhone to Dr. Fone
  • Select the backup mode that is convenient on your end
  • Choose the right backup file
  • Allow the scan to complete
  • Retrieve the Safari bookmarks as needed

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