How To Recover Voice Memos from iPhone

Voice Memos are a handy feature that have been on the iPhone since around iOS version 3. They can be used for recording lectures, taking notes on poetry inspiration, or simply adding items to a shopping list.

Unfortunately, just like most of the other data on an iPhone, it can be all too easy to delete or lose them. It could be that you’ve accidentally trimmed a voice memo too much, chopping the most important part of the voice memo out of the recording. Or you could have accidentally deleted a voice memo as you thought it was unimportant but then realised it actually was. Maybe your iPhone just conked out and died on you and it had important voice memos on there that you needed to keep. Worse, maybe you left your iPhone at the back of the bus in a far away country!

Whatever the case may be – be it accidental deletion, phone malfunction, or even loss of your phone, it is possible to recover voice memos from iPhone.

You can use Dr. Fone to regain your voice memos, as well as other items of deleted data like text messages, calendar appointments, photos and videos. Dr. Fone works with all versions of the iPhone (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6) which means you might be able to retrieve lost data from even your oldest device. It can also be used with your iPad as well as on iPod Touch 3 and 4.



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Dr. Fone is downloadable to your PC or Mac. It is easy to use, offers comprehensive scans and just generally makes data retrieval about as painless as possible. There are three ways to recover voice memos from iPhone using the Dr. Fone software: you can recover them from the actual device, you can recover them from your iTunes account, and you can recover them from your iCloud account.

Here’s a detailed guide how to use each of these methods.

1. Recover from iOS Device



1.1 Start the Dr. Fone software and tap on Recover from iOS Device. You will need to plug your iPhone into your computer via USB. Once Dr. Fone has recognized your iPhone (you’ll be able to see the phone name underneath the picture of the phone there), you can tap on ‘Start Scan’ to scan the device.




1.2 Dr. Fone will scan your iPhone for all the data on it. Wait for the progress bar up the top to show that the scan has completed before doing anything with the files.



1.3 Tap on the Voice Memos marker under Memos & Others to bring up all your voice memos on the iPhone. If desired, tap the option to Only display the deleted items up the top. When you’ve already selected any voice memos you want to get back, tap the ‘Recover’ button to save them on to your computer.


2. Recover from iTunes Backup File


2.1 Tap on the option to Recover from iTunes backup file. If you synced your phone to iTunes on your computer, you’ll have some backups floating around. Find your iPhone in the list of devices then tap the ‘Start Scan’ button to scan your backup file.


2.2 Like the device recovery method, make sure the scan has completed before you start digging through the data. Tap on the Voice Memos field (under Memos & Others) to bring up all the voice memos in your backup file. If you’re only after the deleted memos, tap the Only display the deleted items option found on top. Check which memos you’d like to save and then tap the ‘Recover’ button.


3. Recover from iCloud Backup File



3.1 Tap the option to Recover from iCloud Backup File found at the top portion of the screen. You’ll need to sign in to your iCloud account to retrieve any iCloud backups from your iPhone that has been made. Wait for the software to generate the list.



3.2 A list of all the iCloud backups of all your iOS devices will populate. Find the backup with the correct iPhone name and type, with the date closest to when you lost your voice memo/s. Tap the ‘Download’ button that pops up next to it.



3.3 Wait for the iCloud backup file to download and scan completely before going through your data. Tap on the Voice Memos field underneath the Memos & Others list on the left. If you just want to regain your deleted voice memos, tap the Only display the deleted items option found on top. Check all the voice memos you’d like to save. Click the ‘Recover’ button when you’re ready to save the voice memos to your computer.


And those are the three methods on how to recover voice memos from iPhone using Dr. Fone. If you’re after the number one data retrieval tool for iPhone right now, then make sure to give Dr. Fone a try.



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