How To Recover Photos from iPhone 5

You’ve landed on this page because the unthinkable has happened: you’ve lost your photos.

Photos detail the most intimate moments of our lives – from birthdays, to graduations, to nights out, to family snaps, to baby snapshots, to holidays, to crazy sunsets, to silly pet snaps and everything in between. They solidify memories and provoke feelings of that moment, of that person, of that time.

Losing photographs can be a sad experience. I recall a time, as a child, when our house was burgled. The thieves took a camera from the house, amongst a number of other valuables. On the film in the camera was a set of pictures from one of my birthday parties. To my mother, the most important thing that the thieves took were those pictures. Not the television, not the camera, not her jewellery. Just the prints, as they were more important to her than material items.

Nowadays, having an actual roll of film stolen would be a very rare occurrence. We no longer own cameras that contain film. A digital camera has an SD card or you take pictures with your phone. However, these can still be taken away from us.

If your phone is stolen then your photos are gone with it too, right?


Thankfully, iPhones have a copy of your photos 1) on the iPhone itself, 2) on your computer via an iTunes backup file, and 3) on the Apple servers via your iCloud account. This means that even if your phone is stolen or lost, you can still retrieve your pictures.

You may also recover your photos if you’ve accidentally deleted them, your phone was broken, you’ve reformatted your phone or even sold the phone without remembering to grab your photos first.

Wondershare has thought up a brilliant software solution to help recover photos from iPhone 5. The software can also be used with iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 6, all iPads, and iPod Touch 3 & 4 in case you happen to have lost photos on these devices too.

The software is called Dr. Fone and is downloaded to either your PC or Mac – it’s not an app for your phone. Not only can it restore your lost pictures but it can also retrieve your Contacts, Call History, Videos, Text Messages and a number of other fields of data.


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Here is a detailed guide on how to use Dr. Fone to recover your photos with your iTunes and with your iCloud account.


How to Recover Photos From Your iTunes Backup Files


Start up Dr. Fone and then click on the tab labelled Recover from iTunes Backup File. Hopefully this is the computer you have your iTunes on, otherwise you’ll want to reinstall Dr. Fone on that computer. A list will come up with all the devices linked to that iTunes account. If you had synced up your iPhone 5 with your iTunes, it will have made a backup of all your phone data and saved it to your computer. Select the device on the list that is your iPhone 5 with the most recent backup date. Press Start Scan to initiate the scan of the file.



Wait until the scan is completed. There’ll be a progress bar up the top that tells you how long you’ve got left. After the scan is done, go over to the left hand panel and click the Camera Roll field under Photos & Videos. All your pictures from the backup file will pop up. Go through the pictures and select all of the ones you want to keep by ticking the checkbox next to them. When you’ve got everything you want, press the Recover button to save the photos.


How to Recover Photos From Your iCloud Backup Files


Go to the tab labelled Recover from iCloud Backup File. This will bring up a screen asking for your iCloud account details (the same login details you are using when you purchase applications on the App Store).



After you’ve logged in to your account, Dr. Fone will show you a list of all the backups in the iCloud. You might have quite a few here, especially if you own or have owned a lot of Apple devices. Select the one for your iPhone 5 which is the most recent. Click the Download button to start getting all the data from your backup file.deleted_text10

Wait for all data to download. You can then go through to the Camera Roll field (underneath Photos & Video) to view all the photos stored in your backup file. Select each photo you’d like to save by making sure the checkbox next to it is ticked. After you’ve selected all the photographs you want to recover, press the Recover button to start saving them all to your computer.





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