How To Recover Photos from iPhone 6

Losing anything is, at best, mildly annoying and at worst, absolutely devastating.

Whenever people were asked what three things they’d save from their burning house, it would inevitably include their pets, their ID, and their photographs! Photos can show a person’s entire life, holding precious memories of people that have passed on, show family histories, important events and fun times (and even the not so fun times) from the past.

The wonderful thing about today’s digital age is that snapshots can now live on forever. Whereas printed photos are easily ruined and generally only had one copy, nowadays, if they are uploaded and shared around, the chance of losing a photo forever is unlikely.

How is that possible?

Any of these could happen: ruining the device you took the photos on before uploading them, accidental deletion, formatting your iPhone 6, losing your phone. If there is someone who hasn’t managed to have at least experienced one of these things, then they deserve a medal.

Thankfully, if one of these events will occur, with an iPhone 6, the mistake can be fixed. The photos can all be recovered with a few easy clicks of a button.

The folks over there at Apple were very clever to realise that even the most meticulous of people can still make mistakes especially when it comes to their phones. Thus they provide a built-in mechanism to their products that automatically creates a backup of all its data should the unthinkable happen.

iPhone backups are created in iTunes when syncing up the media library. Backups are also created in iCloud when the phone is left to charge overnight, provided there is an available wifi connection present.

The best way to go through the contents of these backups and to eventually recover them is by using a third party software. There are a few different pieces of software in the market today but the easiest and the most comprehensive one is Dr. Fone. It also happens to be the number one iPhone recovery software right now.


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Dr. Fone can recover Photos, Videos, Text Messages, Voicemails, Calendar Appointments, Contacts, and a wealth of other information. It works with iPhone 6, as well as iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPads, and iPod Touch 3 & 4.

The software is available for both PC and Mac and should be installed into the same computer where the iTunes is present.

The steps to recover photos from iPhone 6 are explained in detail below.


Method 1: Recovery via iTunes



Choose Recover from iTunes Backup file. All iTunes backup files that have been saved will pop up below. There may be multiple phones, multiple iPads, etc. Just select the iPhone with the missing photos on it and then click Start Scan.



Wait for the full scan to run to completion. It might take a few minutes. Information will start popping up from the backup file. Selecting ‘Only display the deleted items’ will be handy if the pictures have been deleted from the phone.

Go through to the Camera Roll underneath the Photos & Videos section and find the photos to recover. Tick the checkbox next to each of them. Click on the Recover button to start the recovery process.


Method 2: Recovery via iCloud

Choose Recover from iCloud Backup file.iphone_sms7


Enter the details of the Apple account for the iPhone used with the missing photos. This will require an active Internet connection.



The iCloud backups linked to the Apple account will start popping up. Select the correct iPhone with the time closest to the data loss to download its backup file contents.


Wait again for the scan to run through the iCloud backup file. When everything has finished, go to Camera Roll (under Photos & Videos) to find the missing photos. Make sure all the photos you wish to keep are selected. Press Recover to start the recovery process.

Once all the photos have been saved to the computer, it is possible to resync them with the iPhone if desired.

Dr. Fone can also fix your iPhone operating system should there be a malfunction in your OS. If your device is an earlier version of the iPhone, you can use the software to recover photos (and messages, contacts, etc) directly from the device.

Do note that Dr. Fone can be used multiple times with no limit. If data loss happens again, you can use always utilize the program to recover what you’ve lost. The software is available for a free trial and should you wish to purchase, it is backed with a money back guarantee. Dr. Fone’s user interface is simple. The options provided to retrieve and save lost data is easy to navigate.

If recovering lost photos is important, then Dr. Fone is the software needed to get them back. Start to recover photos from iPhone 6 now!


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