How to Retrieve Photos from iCloud

How to Retrieve Photos from iCloud with Dr. Fone from Wondershare

Images are eternal. Well, almost!

With the proliferation of digital phones and tablets, more than half the snaps shot globally are through handheld communication devices.

There was an estimated 1 trillion photos taken in 2015. 2016 is all set to trump that number!

iPhones and iPads, with their high resolution cameras and large vibrant screens, click and store their fair share of images. But like any other device, they are susceptible to liquid damage, processor overheating, virus corruption and physical trauma. Under such circumstances, users lose access to the photographs and the memories they stand for. This is disappointing and frustrating.


Introducing the Concept of Backups

Backups or files that store up-to-date copies of the data in an iPhone or an iPad are important because they allow people to restore information (including images) back to their devices.

For a very long time, iTunes was the only available option to Apple users. It was an offline platform that synced data from a connected Apple device and saves it to a PC or laptop.

But with the advent of iCloud, the paradigm shifted. Avid shutterbugs could now instantly synchronize their images with their iCloud account which offered space on Apple’s servers. Since the process took place online, there was no need to use a separate computer to facilitate backup creation.

This ease has resulted in better backup habits. People readily access their iCloud accounts to retrieve files and information that has been blocked to them on their devices.

However, there is one major disadvantage where storing images using iCloud is concerned. The Photo Library is accessed in different ways from different devices and can often be confusing.

One of the best ways to bypass this problem is to use a streamlined backup extractor like Dr. Fone from Wondershare that allows image restoration even if the user is a tech novice.

This is how the process works.



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How to Retrieve Photos from iCloud Fast and Easy!


1. Choose the device you would like to restore the photographs to. Both iPhones and iPads are game.


2. Connect this device to a PC or laptop that also supports Dr. Fone from Wondershare. Launch the software solution and click the third option on the home screen – Recover from iCloud Backup File.


3. When prompted to, enter your iCloud log-in credentials. This move gives Dr. Fone access to the content in your iCloud account.


how to retrieve photos from iCloud



4. From the list of available backup files, choose the one that is the most likely to contain the images that you wish to reinstate. Use attributes like File Name, File Size and Date of Creation to guide your decision. Once you have selected the right backup container, hit “Download”.

retrieve photos from iCloud



5. Before the scan can commence, you are required to tick the checkboxes next to the relevant data types. The sole purpose of this pop-up is to ensure that you do not end up downloading videos and audios – in other words, information that is not useful to you. This reduces the extraction time as well. For the purpose of this tutorial, only Camera Roll and App Photos are needed.

recovering photos from iCloud


how to retrieve iCloud photos



6. When the scan completes, the display screen comes on. Here you can use the directory to the left hand side of the screen to peruse the information under various data categories. Each node stands for a particular type of data. And the number next to it indicates the files available for retrieval. You can use the search bar to call up images by name or by keyword. With the On/Off slider, you can zero-in on only those images that were deleted from your Apple devices. There is also the provision of selecting photographs individually or in bulk. With all the photographs chosen, click the blue “Recover” button to save the snaps either to the hard disk of the laptop that is supporting Dr. Fone or to the connected iPhone/iPad.

how to restore photos from iCloud


how to retrieve pictures from iCloud


And you are done. You can enjoy moments that have passed and recollect details of cherished memories. All without needing to bother with the convoluted navigation and file organization of the iCloud and the iCloud Drive.

Recapitulating the sequence how to retrieve photos from iCloud:

  • Connect the iPhone or the iPad to the PC/laptop supporting Dr. Fone
  • Select the option “Recover from iCloud Backup File” on the home screen
  • Input the iCloud login credentials and choose the backup file that is the most likely to hold the needed data (images)
  • Ensure that only photographs are downloaded from the Apple’s servers and allow the scan to culminate
  • Retrieve the needed images to the connected Apple device


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