iPad Photo Recovery

The iPads are immensely popular. They hold a whopping 22% stake in the global tablet market. And 80% of all traffic that comes from tablets can be traced back to the various iPad models. Given the fascination of users with its sleek design, large and pixel rich display screen, iSight camera and ease of use, it is no small wonder that millions of images are clicked using iPads.

These photographs are detailed and well exposed. And they freeze memories in time. Thus when an iPad suffers liquid damage, physical trauma, virus corruption or processor heating, Apple device owners stand to lose much more than mere data.


Tough situations call for an expert! Dr. Fone from Wondershare is a utility that can perform iPad photo recovery in three comprehensive modes. The scans are self-facilitated and require minimal intervention from the user.


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A Few Things to Keep in Mind about Dr. Fone Scans


1. A scan that is initiated as soon as data loss is detected is likely to be a successful scan. If this is not done, the installed apps on the iPad might start overwriting the data in the deeper recesses of the device with new information, compromising its integrity.


2. For a scan to trigger, the iPad must be in Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) mode. To put the device in DFU:

  • Press the Power button for 3 seconds
  • Press the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds
  • Release the Power button but keep the Home button pressed for 15 more seconds




DFU is characterized by a blank screen. Since these durations must be counted down accurately, Dr. Fone offers an animated guidance screen to instruct users.


3. If the PC or laptop supporting Dr. Fone also happens to support the iTunes account, as soon as the iPad is connected to Dr. Fone, there might be automatic syncing of data from iTunes to the device compromising the scan. It is thus essential to disable this synchronization. To achieve this, visit iTunes > Preferences > Devices > tick ‘Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically’.



iPad Photo Recovery in Three Modes

Mode 1: Recover from iOS Device


Recovering data from an iOS device is tricky. The root application is difficult because Apple manufactures both the hardware and software ensuring a snug, seamless fit without room for probing.

But Dr. Fone completes the process in 5 simple steps.


1. Connect the iPad to the PC/laptop that supports Dr. Fone from Wondershare. Next put it in DFU mode as already instructed.


2. Launch Dr. Fone from the desktop and on the home screen, choose the first option – Recover from iOS Device.


3. Allow the Dr. Fone system to analyze the connected device. It tallies the model and specifications against its own database to ensure that a full scan can be carried out. As soon as compatibility is determined, the ‘Start Scan’ button becomes available.



4. A scan that is underway has a progress bar noting the time to scan completion and two buttons ‘Pause’ and ‘Stop’ to the right of it. These buttons are used to halt a scan midway and recover data on the fly. The directory to the left of the screen is provided for easy navigation and perusal of recoverable items. Each node stands for a particular data type and the number represents the files of that category ready for retrieval. If you are certain that all your images have been identified by the system, you can Pause or Stop the scan midway, saving time.





5. Once the scan is done, the display screen comes on. Here you can call up photographs by name or keyword. You can also filter the images with the ‘On/Off slider’ to view only the items that have been deleted. You can select items individually or in bulk by ticking appropriate checkboxes. Hitting the blue ‘Recover’ button completes the sequence, saving the files to the hard disk of the computer that supports Dr. Fone or restoring them back to the iPad.





Mode 2: Recover from iTunes Backup File


The next mode involves using iTunes backup files to retrieve the needed images. The process is simple and requires access to your iTunes account.


1. Connect the iPad to Dr. Fone and launch the application from the desktop.


2. Choose the second option – Recover from iTunes Backup File and allow Dr. Fone access to the backup containers saved to the hard disk of your computer.


3. From the available list, select the backup file that is most likely to contain the images you seek. It is this file that will be scanned by the system. Use attributes like serial number, file name and date of creation to narrow your selection. Hit ‘Start Scan’.



4. Allow Dr. Fone to complete the scan. Tick the items that you wish to recover from the display screen and use the ‘Recover’ button to complete the process.



Mode 3: Recover from iCloud Backup File


iCloud is the natural progression of iTunes in the sense that it is an online backup mechanism provided by Apple. Thus to recover items from iCloud, an Internet connection is necessary.


1. Connect the iPad to Dr. Fone and launch the system.


2. Choose the third option on the home screen – Recover from iCloud Backup File.


3. Input the iCloud login credentials into the form so that Dr. Fone can access the backup files on Apple’s servers.



4. From the list that is presented, choose the backup container that seems the most likely to hold the images that are important to you. As in Mode 2, leverage additional information like date of creation and file name to zero-in on the right option. Click the ‘Download’ button.



5. The pop-up that is presented allows you to restrict the download of data to only the data types you specify. For the purpose of this tutorial, ‘Camera Roll’ and ‘App Photos’ are adequate. ‘Next’ initiates the download and the subsequent scan.



You can again directly restore the images to the connected iPad.




This is how Dr. Fone facilitates iPad photo recovery in just a few minutes.

Recapping the process:

  • Connect the iPad to Dr. Fone.
  • Select the mode that is convenient on your end.
  • Choose the needed backup file.
  • Allow the scan to complete.
  • Recover the photos to the iPad.




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