Difference Between iPhone 6 and iPhone 7

Apple fans are struck by a strange euphoria every two years. They spend sleepless nights tossing and turning in bed. And then early in the morning, they sleep walk to the Apple Store, stand in a queue, and shout their lungs out when the doors finally open.

The new iPhone model is available to the public! If you are that kind of supporter, you already have the iPhone 7 in hand. But if you are basing your decision on logic and the upgrades made to the model, then you will find this article useful.

Let’s take stock of the body, camera, display and performance differences between your iPhone 6 and the spanking new iPhone 7.

Body & Structure

The iPhone 7 has bid goodbye to the awkward antennae lines that have marred the sophistication of generations of the gadget. Well, this new avatar is blessedly free of the stripes. Also the camera lens doesn’t create the bump that the iPhone 6 was criticized for.

Instead the iPhone 7 looks much more adjusted to the larger camera sensor with its cleaner, wider cut out.

camera lens iPhone 6 vs iPhone 7


By now, you already know that the headphone jack is gone. The familiar gaping hole in iPhone 6 was a point of vulnerability which could compromise the “water resistant” claim of the iPhone 7. In its place, the lightning port can be used to adjust the ear pods. There is the facility to go wireless as well.

iPhone 7 headphone jack


To further compensate for the lack of the headphone jack, the company has provided added stereo speakers. The bass leaves something to be desired but in terms of sheer volume, the iPhone 7 beats the iPhone 6.

Last but not the least, the physical home button which offered users a tactile experience but also became a bone of contention because of hardware failure is no longer present. In its place, the capacitive home button with haptic feedback serves as an effective upgrade.

iPhone 7 capacitive home button

iPhone 7 Capacitive Home Button


iPhone 6 physical home button

iPhone 6 Physical Home Button


According to Apple, the iPhone 7 can be immersed in water for up to 30 minutes and is dust proof as well. Has someone tested out the claim? Only time will tell.


The Display & Performance

The iPhone 7 boasts the same 4.5 inch screen and 1334*750 resolution of its predecessor the iPhone 6. But it scores significantly higher because it uses the DCI P3 color space. The advantage of this gamut is richer, more vibrant hues that are rendered more realistically and displayed even better than the standard sRGB format of the iPhone 6. The iPhone 7 is capable of accurately representing more shades and colors.

Let’s discuss performance now.

Apple has said that the iPhone 7 is considerably faster than the iPhone 6. And users agree. If you are a gamer or tend to open a large number of tabs, you should know that the iPhone 7:

  • Is a perfect balance of efficiency and performance. Two of its four cores are optimized for sheer power. The remaining two cores operate at one fifth of the power consumption of its optimized peers.
  • Has 2 GB of RAM whereas the iPhone 6 came with only 1GB. Cached data is retrieved faster and apps load and close swiftly.


Many people have also noticed that the 3D Touch feels more natural on the iPhone 7. You can “long press” messages to read them on the lock screen and can also access more options for applications than on the iPhone 6 platform. It is clear that the iPhone 7 is created for iOS 11 and iOS 12. It is primed for future innovations and has ironed out the kinks in programming that the iPhone 6 faced.

The Camera

iPhone 7 has a 12 mega pixel camera with image stabilization. iPhone 6 had 8 mega pixels going for it.

Thus coupled with the DCI P3 supported display, shutterbugs are in for a real treat. In fact you can even edit “live” photos with the iPhone 7 and the more advanced color, contrast, and sharpness options to overlay and modify the raw images are more easily manipulated on the iPhone 7.

Selfie aficionados will love this upgrade!

The iPhone 7 also has a 7 megapixel front camera with the benefit of image stabilization and a 50% brighter screen flash. The iPhone 6’s FaceTime camera came in at 1.2 mega pixel. You will notice the difference almost immediately.

The iPhone 7 takes better low light snaps, too.

Battery Life

This is the one area in which the iPhone 6 is definitively superior. With a fully charged battery, moderate to heavy use of the iPhone 6 saw it last till nighttime.

For the iPhone 7, this isn’t the case.


Cumulatively, the upgrades do present a decent case for purchasing the iPhone 7. Especially if you are switching from Android! But iPhone 6s Plus users might just wait out the new couple of years and grab something even more technologically advanced, exciting and stimulating.

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