Fix iPad Stuck on Zoom-in Mode



iPads have a great range of accessibility settings than many of us know nothing about. Perhaps you’ve deliberately used the zoom feature and are having troubles getting out of it, or you’ve accidentally turned it on and have no idea what is happening! Either way, this article can help fix iPad stuck on zoom-in mode to get you out of your current predicament.

The zoom feature in iPads is particularly handy for the vision impaired, or if you’d just like to look at a detail of a picture on your screen more closely. The iPad zoom feature can increase the size of the content on the screen by up to 1500%!

However, handy it is, you may have just accidentally entered the mode and not know what has happened – and just have a huge blown up screen all of a sudden.

The iPad zoom functionality is easy to use, once you’ve got the hang of it. The core of the functions are accessed via something you probably haven’t encountered much, if at all, in other places – three finger screen manipulation.

Usually we use our phones and iPads with just one finger, sometimes two at the very most – and often, using one finger of the left hand and one finger of the right. But the zoom function uses three fingers on just one hand (whether you are left or right handed, it doesn’t matter).

Put your index, middle, and ring fingers together and touch your fingertips gently down on any surface. That’s the basis of the three finger tap – easy, right?


To turn zoom off:

Take three fingers and double tap them at the same time on your screen. You should then have the option to zoom out. Click it. You can turn zoom back on again by repeating this same process.

If this didn’t work, you can try triple clicking on your Home button.

If you are just in a regular zoom, you can get out of it by putting your thumb and index finger together on the screen as if they were pinching something, and then slowly move them apart.




To turn zoom off for good:

Don’t think you’ll ever need to use zoom? Turn it off for good so that you don’t accidentally enter zoom in mode again. Don’t worry, you can always switch it back on again if you change your mind. To disable zoom accessibility settings – from your iPad Home screen, go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Zoom. Set Zoom toggle to Off.


To use zoom correctly:

Double tap three fingers at once to switch on or off. A menu will come up with options: Zoom In/Zoom Out, Window Zoom/Full Screen Zoom, Resize Lens (if in Window Zoom mode), Choose Filter (greyscale, low light, etc.), Show Controller and a Zoom scale slider (0-15x zoom).

Select your options and either Zoom In or Zoom Out.

When zoomed in, drag three fingers at once around the screen to change the area of focus.

Double tap and then drag your fingers apart or together to change the zoom size.


Other handy accessibility settings:

VoiceOver – allows you to operate your iPad even if you can’t see the screen. If VoiceOver is switch on, you can triple-click on the Home button and then a description of the screen will be read out, including what your finger is resting over on the screen. Tap a place on the screen to hear what is there, or double tap to ‘click’ on it.

Grayscale – Some people have issues with the color on their iPads, and discerning where one item ends and another starts. This is the reason why grayscale exists. You can turn on the greyscale accessibility setting and simply see shades of gray instead of colors on your screen. Despite being touted as a power saving feature, this is actually not true. In iOS 9, switch on ‘low power mode’ instead to conserve your battery life.

Larger Type – Increase the size of your fonts on the page by enabling Larger Type. Increasing the size of the text on your iPad screen will make it easier to read, especially if you have visibility problems. This can then be switched off if it is no longer required.


So there you have it. You can now fix iPad stuck on zoom-in mode in a few simple steps. Do give it a try!

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