Fix iPhone White Screen of Death

“White screen of death? This isn’t supposed to happen to me! iPhone! Noooooooo….!”


Ah, the dreaded white screen of death. If you’re looking at your iPhone, limp in your hands, barely breathing, with just a white screen in front of you and maybe an Apple logo on it, don’t despair. Your phone isn’t dead or dying. It’s simply stuck in a loop that it can’t get out of. You might like to think of it like when you put a crawling baby in a playpen. When it’s in the pen, the baby can’t escape, but as soon as you unlock and open the pen, the baby is free to roam around again and off crawling all over the place.


Your poor phone is that baby, so it’s time you set about unlocking that pen! Now, how do you exactly fix iPhone white screen of death?

Dr. Fone to the Rescue

The best way to save your iPhone from the white screen of death is by using the iPhone savior software Dr. Fone. You can use Dr. Fone to back up all the data on your phone, update your operating system easily, and yes, let your phone escape the white screen of death.


Dr. Fone doesn’t come standard as part of the Apple software. It’s made by Wondershare and you’ll need to download it first to your computer (no, it’s not an app!). Downloading is quick and easy – it only takes a moment – and you can download on both a Mac and a PC, as there’s a version of the software for both.


You can use the software with all versions of the iPhone from 3GS up to 6S, as well as with certain iPod Touches, and all iPads – so if you get the white screen of death on your other devices, you know what to do with them too.

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So How Do You Use Dr. Fone?

Well, if you’ve already downloaded the software then you’ll all be ready to start with fixing your iPhone. First up, grab your phone and the USB data cable that came with it and plug it into your computer to hook them up. Shut down any software that auto-starts on your computer, which includes iTunes.


Find the Dr. Fone software on your computer and open it up to get started. In the window that opens, you’ll see a blue bar with four different options running down the left hand side of the screen. From this option bar, select ‘More Tools’ and then ‘Fix iOS to Normal’. On the page, it will have some information before you start the process. Take note that fixing your phone with Dr. Fone will also update iOS to the most recent version of the software. It will also un-jailbreak your phone if it is jailbroken. Click on the Start button to proceed.



You will now be asked to confirm your iPhone firmware. This is just so Dr. Fone will know which version of iOS it needs to update your phone with. Dr. Fone will automatically find the version and populate the drop down boxes with it, so there should be no need to change them. Click ‘Download’.



When it’s finished downloading the latest version of iOS, Dr. Fone will start to fix your phone. Don’t worry, it won’t lose any of your data! You can view the progress on the screen and it shouldn’t take any longer than about 10 minutes.



Once the repair process is completed, your phone will restart. You will see that Dr. Fone has finished its job and your iPhone will now be in normal mode, with the latest version of iOS on it, and most importantly, you will no longer see the white screen of death!



You can now safely exit Dr. Fone and unplug your iPhone from your computer. Remember that after a complete fix iPhone white screen of death, you can use Dr. Fone to sort out the issue again if it ends up recurring.


If your phone is still playing up, then it may be time to give the Apple store a visit. Dr. Fone can only fix software errors (which is usually the cause of the white screen of death). However, for all hardware errors, you need to take your phone in for licensed repairs.



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