Forgot iPad Password – How to Reset

Getting locked out of your devices is no fun at all. When you’ve got an important email to send or map to check, you really need to be able to access all your files right away. The iPad is designed to be secure, keeping thieves and nosey people away but sometimes, the problem is that you forgot iPad password. After a few tries at unlocking your iPad, you will be locked out completely. This is extremely irritating when you have important things to do.

Unlocking your iPad from this doubly locked state takes longer than a simple unlock of your device, but it is possible. Worry no more about calling up your tech friend for help or visiting the Genius bar at Apple, just follow our instructions below.

First and foremost, you’re going to need to perform a back up on your iPad so that you won’t lose any important data you have stored on it. You’ll need this data to resync your iPad after you have reset your device. You can use the reliable backup tool Dr. Fone to make sure that your data is all safe. Contrary to its name, Dr. Fone can be used with all iOS devices – iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches.

It’s a program that you download straight onto your computer – Windows or Mac – to do a variety of device maintenance operations.

From backing up, to various resets, to getting your device out of many frozen states, Dr. Fone is an essential piece of kit. It also works with all models of the iPad so you can be assured that it will be compatible with your device.

First up, you need to download Dr. Fone from Wondershare. Install it into an accessible directory so that you’ll have easy access when you need it. From there, open the software to run it up.

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On the main landing page, you need to take your data cable out and attach it to your iPad and then plug it in to the computer. This is so Dr. Fone can access your iPad and retrieve all your saved data. When your iPad is correctly plugged in, you will see this on your screen:



It will show your iPad device name and suggest that you start a scan. Click on the green button to search your iPad for data and it will start running. You’ll see the following screen:



Scan progress is displayed along the top of the window. Note that you can stop or pause the scan if you so wish.  Otherwise, wait for it to finish. This will be the displayed screen when you’re done:



All your files will be displayed by type. The default setting is that all your data is already selected, ready to save and backup. Click on Recover to save all your iPad files. This will save the data on the computer so you will always have a backup of your files available that isn’t stored on your iPad.

After doing the backup with Dr. Fone, you now need to do a factory reset on your iPad. The best way to do this is with iTunes. At this point, close the Dr. Fone software since you’re already done with the backup.

Open up your iTunes. If you don’t have iTunes on the computer you’ve used, then you will need to download a fresh copy of it first. Using iTunes, you are going to force your iPad to restart. It should still be plugged to your computer with the data cable.

Once you’ve started iTunes, hold down the home button and the on/off button on your iPad at the same time. You will need to keep holding both buttons. Keep holding them down until you see the Apple logo show up on your iPad screen. When you see the recovery logo on your iPad screen, then you can release the buttons.

On your computer, iTunes will ask whether you want to Restore your iPad or Update it – click on the Restore option. iTunes will start to restore your iPad. It shouldn’t take more than fifteen minutes to complete this process. If it’s taking longer, you’ll need to do the whole thing in iTunes again.

Your iPad should now be reset to its factory settings and you’ll have a blank canvas to work from. Grab the data from Dr. Fone that you’ve downloaded into your computer and use it to fill up your iPad with this data again. You may need to reinstall your apps (but no need to purchase them once more).

You will now have a copy of your data backed up too. It’s best to back up your iPad often to ensure that you never lose your data. Use Dr. Fone to perform regular maintenance on your iPad and other iOS devices.

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