Forgot iPad Screen Lock Password

Forgotten your password to your iPad? Forgot iPad screen lock password? Don’t worry, it can happen to the best of us! This is especially “common” if you haven’t used your iPad in months – how are you supposed to remember the password?!

And for some of you, you might have tried too many passwords and now it is double-locked and you definitely can’t get in. If you’re at home and don’t want to make a trip to the Apple shop to get a Genius to help you out, or that’s just not possible (maybe you’re out on a trip in the countryside somewhere…), then don’t fear, you will still be able to fix your iPad by yourself.

When you use this method to get into your locked iPad, it will factory reset your device – meaning that everything will be wiped from it. So if you want to make sure that you have everything saved, then you’re going to need to back up your iPad fully before you start. So how do you back it up?

Backup, backup, backup

This is the part of the process that is going to take the most time. However, if you don’t want to lose all the important stuff on your iPad, then you need to follow the instructions carefully.

First things first: you will need to download an application called Dr. Fone onto your computer. It’s a little utility tool that will help you save all the data from your device to your computer for safekeeping while the device is wiped. You can download Dr. Fone from either a Mac or a Windows computer.

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After the download, install the program on your computer.

Take your iPad out and find your USB connector and plug it in to your computer so they are connected. Observe any programs that start running and shut them down, including iTunes.

Now find Dr. Fone on your computer and open up the application.


Hover to the blue section on the left and click on ‘Recover from iOS Device’. Dr. Fone will now ask you which items on your iPad you would like to save. We recommend just grabbing everything so that you don’t lose anything important. Make sure each checkbox is selected on the page – that includes photos, notes, and calendar – and click on the blue Start button at the bottom of the page to start scanning your iPad for data.



The scan will now commence. It may take a while to uncover everything, especially if you have lots of data on your device. Wait for it to finish before you start working with the results.



When the scan has completed, the progress bar at the top of the page will disappear. Head over to the categories bar and tick each checkbox to ensure that you are retrieving all your data then press the blue Recover button down at the bottom right hand side of the page.

Your data will be saved onto your computer.



The Factory Reset

Exit out of the Dr. Fone application and then open up your iTunes. When it’s open, hold down the Home and Start buttons at once until you see the Apple logo appear on your iPad screen. You can then let go of the buttons.

iTunes will ask if you would like to restore or update your iPad. You will have to choose the restore option here. iTunes will then start to restore your iPad which should take around fifteen or so minutes to complete.

From this point, you need to set up your iPad again. Nothing will be on it so you can choose a new Apple ID and password if you want. After doing this, you can reload your iPad with all of the data that you saved using Dr. Fone.

If the process didn’t work, well, you may have to wait until you can take your iPad to an Apple shop.


You can also use the Dr. Fone utility to help fix your device when it gets stuck in certain modes or won’t start properly. Back up your data often to ensure that you never lose it. If it’s safe and sound on your computer, you will always have access to it when something happens to your iOS device.

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