Get iPad Out of Recovery Mode

SOS! Malfunctioning iPad! Man down! Is your iPad in Recovery Mode? See that silly cycling iTunes symbol? What does it all mean? Heeeeeelp!

Yes, indeed, we can help! Your iPad may be temporarily ‘broken’ but you can fix it solely yourself. There is no need to make an appointment to your local Apple store and waste time heading out there when your time is better spent doing other things. You have the power to fix your iPad all in the comfort of your very own home. Forget putting on pants! Yay!

That Recovery Mode symbol that looks an awful lot like the iTunes symbol is triggered due to faults in your iPad. These faults usually appear because of errors with your iPad’s firmware or software, or interactions that occur between them. Unfortunately, this is quite a common occurrence for both iPhone and iPad users.

The faults are fixable though, and they can be fixed by you! Usually the method you use to do this is through iTunes on your computer. However, if you’ve never installed iTunes on your computer, have installed it on a computer you’ve long since gotten rid of or is broken, don’t like using iTunes, or it didn’t work properly when you tried fixing it with iTunes, there is another way to fix your iPad.

You can use the well-regarded software program Dr. Fone to fix your iPad. This software was designed by Wondershare to help not only in the data recovery process for your iOS device, but also to fix your iOS device after it suffers from well-known faults that occur with the operating system.

You can download Dr. Fone by Wondershare to your computer. It comes in both Windows and Mac variations so that everyone can use it.  The software is very easy to use with its clean and simple user interface.


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We’ll walk through all the steps involved to get iPad out of recovery mode by using Dr. Fone. Make sure your iPad is well-charged before starting to go through the tutorial below.

Step 1. Once you have downloaded and installed Dr. Fone, open it up from the directory that you chose to install it in, or via the desktop icon if you chose to put it on your desktop.
Step 2. Plug in your iPad to the computer via the USB data cord that came with your iPad. Shut down any other iPad-related programs that start up on your computer. Dr. Fone should recognize your device and will show your name on the screen. If not, check that your data cord is working correctly.


Step 3. Select the option in Dr. Fone that says Fix iOS to Normal.


Step 4. Read the instructions on the following page carefully. You will read that no data loss will occur when you are fixing your iPad with Dr. Fone and other important notes. Once you’ve read the page, select Start.

fix to normal



Step 5. Dr. Fone will attempt to determine your iPad type from information transferred by the data cord. You should see the correct information populate in the window. If the information is incorrect, choose the correct one from the drop-down menus.


Step 6. Click Download to obtain the latest iOS firmware update from the Internet.


Step 7. The firmware will begin to download. Wait until it is fully downloaded for further instructions.


Step 8. Dr. Fone will install the firmware on your iPad and fix your device. You must wait for this process to finish. Unplugging your iPad at any time or attempting to use it might cause it to stop working for good. Don’t touch anything until the process finishes.



Step 9. When Dr. Fone prompts that is has finished the repair, now is the time to pick up your iPad and examine it carefully. It should be completely fixed and ready to go with the most recent version of iOS installed on it.


As you can see, using Dr. Fone is a great way to get iPad out of recovery mode without losing any of your data and without having to visit the Apple shop. You can also use it to fix other errors that may happen to your iPad like if it gets stuck on the Apple logo or on a blank screen, as well as any other errors. You can also use it to upgrade to the latest iOS version at any time if your device often has issues when updating the operating system.

It’s a handy tool to have. It can also help you to recover deleted data from your iPad – but that’s a story for another day.

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