How to Backup Data on Locked iPhone

iPhones are classic examples of beauty meets functionality. With their powerful processors and large display screens, they allow users to click pixel rich photos, record HD quality videos, multitask with emails and document editing, and put through calls to near and dear ones. All without glitches!


But sometimes Apple users may forget the password to unlock their iPhones and thus end up losing access to this important data. And if the iTunes account can’t detect the phone for some reason thwarting recovery, they are left feeling all the more frustrated and disoriented.


An easy way to retrieve files and critical information from a locked iPhone is to use an application like Dr. Fone from Wondershare. This is a lightweight utility capable of bypassing the lock on an iOS device and accessing items of import.

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How Does Dr. Fone Recover Data from a Locked iPhone Device?


Dr. Fone recovers information from a locked iPhone in two stages:

1.     The system backs up all available information from the locked or otherwise damaged device.

2.     It prompts the user to restore essential files from this backed up data to any connected iOS device or the hard disk of the PC/laptop.

The process doesn’t require the user to possess any technical expertise.


Before Backing up the Data Please Keep in Mind


1.     The scan and the subsequent back-up should be initiated as soon as possible. The longer data stays lost, the harder it is for any system to probe an iOS device and make a full recovery of all the details available.


2.     Even though it is likely that iTunes is incapable of detecting the iPhone, it is recommended that automatic synchronization of data between the account and the connected iPhone is prevented to ensure unsolicited overwriting of existing information with new inputs. In order to do this, visit the iTunes dashboard, click on ‘Preferences’, scroll to ‘Devices’ and tick the option ‘Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically’.



How to Backup Data on Locked iPhone & Restore them Using Dr. Fone


Any probing or scanning that involves recovering information from an iOS device is looked upon as tricky and tedious. This is because Apple manufactures both the hardware and software for an iPhone. The fit is snug and finding any vulnerability is difficult.

However Dr. Fone from Wondershare is designed to eliminate the hassles from an iOS device body scan and backup. The entire process is completed in a few steps.


1.     Connect the locked iPhone to a PC or laptop that supports Dr. Fone from Wondershare. Do this using the USB cable that is provided with the device.


2.     Launch Dr. Fone from the home screen. Past the welcome screen, you will be provided with a navigation menu with four options. It is the fourth icon that is of importance if you wish to backup data from a locked iPhone. In some versions of Dr. Fone, this option is marked “More Tools” and in some, it’s tagged “Fix iOS to Normal”.  Select this icon.




3.     As soon as you make the selection, more options are presented for your perusal. These include iOS System Recovery, iOS Full Data Eraser and iOS Data Backup & Restore. You need to utilize the iOS Data Backup & Restore functionality.


4.     Hitting the said icon calls up a data category menu. Here, the various checkboxes stand for different categories of data. By choosing only the data types that you wish to backup and restore, you cut down the time needed to complete the sequence. Once you have ticked everything you require, click the blue ‘Backup’ button and allow Dr. Fone to extract and create copies of all the information that it can access from the connected iPhone. This may generally take a few minutes and the device shouldn’t be disconnected from Dr. Fone.




5.     Once the backup is done, the display screen comes on. You can now use the directory to the left to navigate to particular data categories and examine the available (or recoverable) files. If you feel you must restore all images, click on Camera Roll. Use the search bar to call up photos using keywords and then tick the appropriate checkboxes to choose data individually or in bulk.


You should Export to PC and save the data to the computer where Dr. Fone is installed.




And that’s it! This is how to backup data on locked iPhone. With Dr. Fone from Wondershare, all problems like forgotten passcodes, inability to put the phone in DFU and attempt recovery, and failed iTunes recognition can be overcome easily.

Recapping the steps:

  • Connect the locked iPhone to Dr. Fone from Wondershare.
  • Choose the fourth option ‘More Tools’ and then select ‘iOS Data Backup & Restore’.
  • Allow the system to create backups of the information stored in the device.
  • Save this data to the PC/laptop and restore it back to the iPhone after you have unlocked it.


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