How to Backup Text Messages on iPhone

How to Backup Text Messages on iPhone with Dr. Fone

Do you feel that the days of good old text messaging are gone for good?

Think again!

According to latest research and data, people all over the world still send over 23 billion text messages a day.

And most of these SMS now pertain to urgent matters and professional commitments.


Because with applications like WhatsApp and Facebook, they are flooded with messages from friends and acquaintances who wish to share personal stories, updates and anecdotes. Thanks to the relative “quietness” of our text message inbox, SMS has emerged as the best way to attract attention to an item that requires immediate action.

iPhones & Messages:

iPhones boast two types of text messages. The regular short message service (SMS) texts that utilize the carrier service of the telecommunication provider to convey information. The other is iMessages which rely on the data availability of the carrier to send updates to other iPhone and iPad users.

Both message variants are important and can contain information that is critical and indispensable.

This is the reason why backups are essential to ensure optimal day to day operations without glitches.

Backup Options Available to Apple Enthusiasts:

Apple has done its due diligence in terms of backup platforms. Unlike Android that doesn’t come programmed with “brand endorsed” backup options, an Apple device works with two alternatives – iTunes and iCloud – to help evangelists save up-to-date copies of their device data.

The iTunes is an application that facilitates backup creation with the support of a PC or laptop. The backup data is saved to the hard disk of the computer. But there is a catch in this solution. Depending on the type of OS you are running, the information is saved to a different location making the whole process confusing and defeating the purpose of quick retrieval.

iCloud is a Wi-Fi enabled backup platform that takes user data and stores it in the space designated on Apple’s servers. This may seem convenient but people frequently lose access to their iCloud account. And often this account runs out of space necessitating the deletion of existing files.

As a result, it is highly recommended that iPhone text messages be saved to a user-defined location of a robust device like a PC or laptop. This is possible with a third party solution like Dr. Fone from Wondershare. Streamlined and user friendly, Dr. Fone gives you the flexibility to selectively back up SMS without saving all the content of your iPhone to your hard disk.






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Let’s see how the process works.


How to Backup Text Messages on iPhone Easily


1.     Connect the iPhone to a PC/laptop that also has Dr. Fone installed on it. With this done, launch the software application icon from the desktop.


2.     When the home screen greets you, choose the fourth option “More Tools” from the navigation menu. This will open up another selection panel as shown in the screenshot below. From this panel, click the iOS Data Backup & Restore icon.

how to back up SMS on iPhone


3.     The next screen is for data category selection. This allows you to ensure that only text messages (SMS) are backed up. Tick the checkbox next to “Messages & Attachments”. Some versions of Dr. Fone have a separate checkbox for iMessages. If you need them, you must select this option as well. With everything done, hit the blue “Backup” button which becomes available when you check any one box.

how to back up text messages on iPhone



4.     Allow the system to first backup the data. A progress bar indicates the time to completion. As soon as backup creation is done, the scan for the data automatically commences.

how to backup SMS on iPhone


5.     Finally, a display screen is presented. From this screen, you can now select specific text messages. This further fine tunes and filters your backup creation. If there are SMS you do not wish to save, simply bypass them. If you have selected all the checkboxes in step 3, the directory to the left of the screen is instrumental in navigating to the desired files of each data type. You may use the search bar to call up items by sender/recipient name. You can also tick individual messages or choose them in bulk. The last action step is to “Export to PC” and specify the location for the backup. Text messages are generally saved as HTML files.

how to backup iPhone text messages



And there you have it – how to backup text messages on iPhone fast and easy! Your SMS are backed up to your PC or laptop and you can even ensure that only the most critical information makes it to your hard disk.

Recapping the process:

  • Connect the iPhone to Dr. Fone from Wondershare.
  • Select the option “More Tools” and choose – iOS Data Backup & Restore.
  • Choose the “Messages & Attachments” option and allow the creation of the backup and the subsequent scan.
  • Export the needed text messages to a convenient location on your computer’s hard disk.



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