How to Block iMessage and Spam



Is there anything worse that hearing a message notification, only to pick up your iPhone and it’s someone telling you that you’ve just won some stupid, non-existent, million dollar lottery?

Or how about if your friends are in the middle of some long, convoluted group message that keeps giving you notifications and you are so not interested?

We all get messages that are an annoyance sometimes, but you don’t have to just sit there and suffer – especially if you’re getting tons of spam! Here are some handy ways how to block iMessage and spam, and in some cases, get rid of them altogether.


Mute the Conversation

This is particularly good for those pesky group conversations, but you can also do it with messages from just the one person, too. It works for regular SMS as well as iMessages. Here’s what you do:

1.     Tap the ‘Messages’ app on your iPhone.

2.     Select the message in the list that you’d like to stop receiving notifications for.

3.     Go to the top right corner and select ‘Details’.

4.     Find ‘Do Not Disturb’ and set it to on.

5.     Return to your ‘Inbox’ where you should see a little crescent moon next to the conversation to confirm that it’s on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode.

6.     Switch ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode back off what you’re ready to receive notifications again.


Block the Sender

Don’t want to chat to the sender EVER? Then it’s time to block them. You won’t get any SMS, iMessages, calls, or Facetime from them. Plus, you can change it back any time you like. Here’s how:

1.     Tap on your ‘Messages’ app.

2.     Scroll down and select the conversation with the person that you’d like to block.

3.     Select ‘Details’ at the top right of your screen.

4.     Select ‘Info’.

5.     Scroll to the bottom and select ‘Block this Caller’.

6.     A popup box will appear where you can select ‘Block Contact’.

7.     Unblock them using the same method if you’re ever ready to chat again!



Report Any Spam

Apple have included a handy feature that allows you to report any messages from numbers not in your contact list as spam. To do this:

1.     Go into your ‘Messages’ app.

2.     Select the conversation in the list with the spam message.

3.     Scroll to the bottom of the message/s and select where it says ‘Report Junk’.

4.     Select ‘Delete and Report Junk’ in the popup.


Filter Messages

If you prefer to just filter out messages from any unknown senders so they don’t go direct to your Inbox or give you any notifications, you can do this too. To switch on filtering from unknown numbers:

1.     Select your ‘Settings’ app.

2.     Tap on ‘Messages’.

3.     Tap on the ‘Filter Unknown Senders’ slider so that it appears green.

4.     Open up your ‘Messages’ app.

5.     There will be a new tab at the top for an ‘Unknown Senders’ category, which you can browse at any time.


Contact your Service Provider

If none of these are doing much how to block iMessage and spam and you’re still getting a lot of silly messages, you might like to give your telco a call. They may be able to figure out why you are getting so much spam and put some steps in place to stop it.

Spam messages may be illegal in your part of the world, and it is better to report any overwhelming instances than to simply let it go.


Get a New Number

If worse comes to worst, and you’re getting harassed daily, then it might be time to switch numbers. It is possible that your number has inadvertently ended up on a list (or two, or three!) of numbers to target with spam messages, or someone you know might have launched a targeted attack against you.

In this case, you may be better off just cutting your losses and switching your number over. After all, you’ve got nothing to lose except the time taken to tell your contacts that you’ve switched numbers!


We hope one or all of these tips and tricks have been handy so you can start how to block iMessage and spam that’s been bothering you. iPhones are great and have a lot of hidden functionality in them when you just know how to use it!


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