How to Check the Warranty Status of Your iPad



Need to find out if your iPad is still within warranty – or maybe when it runs out? Follow our easy guide how to check the warranty status of your iPad or any other Apple device.

Find out if you still have a warranty


Step 1. Find your iPad’s serial number

There are several ways that you can find the serial number of your iPad.


In your Settings – if your iPad is with you and working correctly

The easiest way is through your Settings, if you have your iPad in front of you and it is functioning correctly. To do this, go to Settings -> General -> About. You should see your serial number listed in the details here, so write it down.


At the back of your iPad – if your iPad isn’t working correctly

Take off your iPad cover (if you have one) and flip it over so you can see the bare back of the device. Underneath – where it says iPad – is some very small text. Find where it says Serial and copy it down.




On iTunes – if the serial has rubbed off the back of your iPad

Connect your iPad to your computer and open up iTunes. Find your iPad by the device icon at the top left of the program and then click on Summary. Note down the serial number in the details that are listed in the summary page.


On the packaging – if you don’t have your iPad

Locate the original packaging of your device. Check on the barcode part and you will see your serial number listed.


On iTunes – if you don’t have your iPad or its original packaging

Open iTunes and click on either Preferences (Mac), or Edit – > Preferences (Windows), then select the Devices tab. Hover over an iPad backup that you’ve previously made with your device and the serial number will pop up so that you can note it down.


Step 2. Open up Apple’s Warranty Status in their Support section of the Apple website
Apple has graciously given us a way to check on our product warranties all from their regular website. Visit the Check your Warranty page to get started.


Step 3. Plug in your serial number
Take the serial number of your iPad that you noted down earlier and enter it into the text box labeled ‘Enter your hardware serial number:’, and then click the ‘Continue’ button.


Step 4. View your coverage details
You’ll now see the details about your product coverage with AppleCare. There are four different categories here:

  • Valid Purchase Date
  • Telephone Technical Support
  • Repairs and Service Coverage
  • Covered by the AppleCare Protection Plan


Under the ‘Repairs and Service Coverage’ section, it should say ‘Active’ if you are within warranty. If you are out of warranty, it will say ‘Expired’. If you are still within your initial warranty period (1 year following the initial purchase date) and haven’t extended it yet, then you are able to click the button to extend your warranty with AppleCare+ for up to 1 more year – giving you a 2 year warranty in total. You can also arrange for repairs here via the ‘Set Up a Repair’ button.


90 days of complementary telephone support comes as part of the AppleCare warranty too – you should see ‘Active’ at the ‘Telephone Technical Support’ part. This can be extended for up to 2 years with purchase of AppleCare+. If you’re out of warranty, it will say ‘Expired’. You can use the ‘Contact Apple Support’ button here if you are within warranty and need any questions answered regarding your iPad.



What does the AppleCare warranty cover?

  • Telephone support (if still within telephone support warranty period)
  • Access to ‘Mail-in Repair Service’ where Apple provides a box to ship to them
  • Access to in-person repairs, by bringing in your iPad into an Apple store or Apple authorized service providers
  • A replacement service


The warranty covers your iPad, including its battery and AirPort, your USB cable and AC power unit. Under the warranty, you are covered for two repair incidents due to accidental damage to your iPad. You will need to pay a $49 USD service fee for each repair – like a copayment on your insurance.

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