How to Export iPhone Contacts Via iCloud

Export iPhone Contacts Via iCloud with Dr. Fone from Wondershare


There are only six degrees of separation between any two human beings on planet earth. This concept finds credence because of our tendency to befriend and then “stay in touch” with people we feel are important to us. Each individual is the stepping stone to the next, potentially allowing us to connect to any person we seek to establish contact with.

As social media shrinks the distance between countries and continents, the number of individuals we know for personal and professional reasons keeps growing. The contacts on our smart devices are a key asset. We rely on this consolidated information of the entities who comprise our network circle to reach out to them when needed.

Distributed across email accounts, Skype and the native call application of the phone itself, contacts are an essential part of our day to day life and they warrant strong backup and syncing.


Contact Backup & Syncing on iPhones

iPhones are the most sophisticated communication device on the planet. And it is no small wonder that millions of people rely on them to store and manage their tally of contacts.

iCloud is a WiFi enabled backup platform that resides in the cloud. It designates space on Apple’s servers to its users who can then utilize it to create copies of the information on their devices. An added benefit of the iCloud is that it supports iPhones of various models and iPads too. As a result, Apple enthusiasts often use their iCloud account to sync data, including contacts to all the Apple devices they own.

However the process of doing so isn’t always easy and effective. Sometimes the iCloud doesn’t recognize devices. The file system of the iCloud drive is confusing to users who aren’t particularly tech savvy. And uninterrupted WiFi connectivity is also a major factor influencing the success of the synchronization process.

It is because of these reasons that exporting iPhone contacts via iCloud with a third party application like Dr. Fone from Wondershare is particularly helpful.

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The user friendly solution helps achieve the desired objective in just a few steps.


1.     First and foremost, it is important to create a backup of the iPhone data to iCloud. This ensures that the contacts list is as recent as it can be. In order to do this:

  • Connect the iPhone to a WiFi network and navigate to “Settings”.
  • Click on the iCloud icon, tap “Backup” and choose the option “Backup Now”.
  • Wait for the transfer to complete.
  • Visit “Storage” under “Settings”, tap “Manage” and select the iPhone’s name. The backup file should be displayed with its size and date of creation.


2.     Next, connect the device to which you would like to export the contacts list to a PC/laptop supporting Dr. Fone. This might be another iPhone, an iPad or you may even wish to save the contacts to your Gmail account.


3.     Launch Dr. Fone and from the home screen, choose the third option – Recover from iCloud Backup File. You will be prompted to enter the log in credentials of your iCloud account at this point in time. Doing so will allow the Dr. Fone system access to your iCloud server space. Ensure that your computer has strong and constant Internet connectivity.

how to export iPhone contacts via iCloud


4.     From the list of backup files, choose the file you just created. The interface is simple and doesn’t confuse or overwhelm you. After selecting the right container, hit “Download”. The Dr. Fone system will now download the data from your iCloud account and then extract it for syncing.

how to export iPhone contacts


5.     The pop-up that shows itself at this stage allows you to select only “Contacts” for download. This conserves your Internet connection’s bandwidth and also reduces the scan time.

export iPhone contacts via iCloud


how to export contacts via iCloud


Let the scan complete and then tick the contacts you wish to sync. This can be done individually or in bulk. You may even use the search bar to call up specific contact IDs. Hit the Recover button to save the contact information to your connected Apple device. The device in question will automatically recognize and accept the data.

how to export via iCloud iPhone contacts


how to export iPhone contacts



If you want to sync the contacts with Gmail, you must first “Recover to Computer”, open your email account, hit the option “More” and then “Import” the backed up Vcards.

So this is how easy to export iPhone contacts Via iCloud. Recapping the process:

  • Create a new iCloud backup
  • Connect the device to which you want to export your contacts list to Dr. Fone
  • Access, download and extract the new iCloud backup file, selectively choosing only contacts
  • Save the data to the connected Apple device or to any location you desire



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