How to Fix a Frozen iPhone

Just because the iPhone is a marvel of modern technology doesn’t mean that it is without failures. Right now, you may be looking down at your iPhone and cursing it because it is stuck. Frozen. And the worst thing about it? You can’t even call anyone to complain. iOS devices may get frozen because of these occurrences:

  • You’ve tried to update to a new version of the operating system and now it’s stuck.
  • You plugged in your phone after it ran out of batteries and now when you switch it on, it won’t start properly.
  • Your device is frozen after trying to put it in DFU mode.
  • You dropped your iPhone and now it’s frozen.
  • It just froze randomly while using your phone normally.


The first thing on how to fix a frozen iPhone is to turn it off and then turn it on again. If you haven’t tried it yet, best to get into it now! That’s right, power your iPhone off completely, wait for about ten seconds or so, and then turn it back on again. This rule works pretty much on all electronics and should always be your first attempt to fix the problem.

If this switching on/off doesn’t work, fret not, your device is still fixable.

You can get your phone out of its frozen state by using a third party intervention. Dr. Fone is a program to help fix some of the common incidents that happen to iPhones. The software can be downloaded directly onto your computer and can be used from there.

It is compatible with all versions of iPhone – the 3GS, iPhone 4 and 4S, iPhone 5, 5C and 5S, iPhone 6 and 6S, and including the Plus models. You can also use it with your iPad if you get yourself into the same situation, as all iPad types are supported.

The install process is simple and the program itself is an absolute breeze to use because of its clear interface and easy-to-follow instructions. The software is updated regularly so you can be assured of always having an up-to-date version available.

Download Dr. Fone and follow these instructions to get your phone out of the frozen mode it is currently in. The software is available across Windows and Mac platforms and comes with a free trial to test out all its capabilities.

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After installing Dr. Fone, go ahead and open up the program. You will see the following screen with options for iPhone fixes on top. The first three are to recover lost data from the phone, but the fourth one is what is going to get your iOS out of its frozen state. Click on the tab that says ‘Fix iOS to Normal’.



The Fix iOS to Normal screen will pop up. Here it outlines all the cases which your device may be stuck in. Notice where it says repairing your phone will not cause any data loss. Also note that your iPhone will be upgraded to the latest version of iOS after it has been repaired and will be “unjailbroken” if it is currently jailbroken.

Use your USB data cable to connect your frozen phone to your computer if you haven’t done so yet. Shut down any phone software that starts up before clicking on the green Start button on Dr. Fone. Any programs left open that may be accessing your phone have the ability to interrupt Dr. Fone’s working progress – even iTunes.

fix to normal


Next, you will be taken to a screen containing your device type, series, model, and iOS version. Make sure all the details are correct. Click Download to retrieve the latest version of the iPhone firmware from the Internet. This is the latest iOS release that will be installed onto your iPhone following the repair process.



The firmware will be downloaded to your computer. Wait until it is complete.



After the firmware has downloaded, Dr. Fone will automatically start to repair your phone. Don’t touch or unplug it from the computer during this process or it could scramble it for good. The progress bar down the bottom of the screen will inform you how long approximately you have left to wait.



After the phone has been repaired, you will be ready to use it again. The phone will no longer be frozen and you will have the latest version of iOS along with all your old data still readily available.

Dr. Fone can also find missing data you may have deleted or lost from your iPhone. Check out ‘Recover from iOS Device’, ‘Recover from iTunes Backup File’ and ‘Recover from iCloud Backup File’ to see all the capabilities.


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