How to Get iPhone Out of Recovery Mode Without iTunes

If your iPhone is stuck in recovery mode and you’re screaming to high heavens “why did this happen to me?!” well then you’ve come to the right place.

Here we give you a run down on how your phone has managed to get itself into recovery mode, why you shouldn’t (or can’t) use iTunes to recover it, and the steps you need to follow to get yourself out of the dreaded recovery loop.


Reasons why your phone might be stuck in Recovery Mode

  • You tried to update to the latest version of iOS. This is a common occurrence among iPhone users and one of the most likely ways that your phone has wound up in recovery mode.
  • You attempted to jailbreak your phone. Whether it was to hunt down the latest apps not available on the app store or for other reasons, jailbreaking sounded like a good idea. Until you got stuck in recovery mode.
  • You attempted to do a factory reset. Maybe your iPhone was feeling sluggish or you just wanted to free up some space so you tried to do a factory reset. And you got stuck in recovery mode.
  • An iOS error occurred. It happens sometimes. Your iPhone is buzzing along, healthy as can be, and then you get stuck in the inescapable recovery mode.


Why you shouldn’t use iTunes to get out of Recovery Mode

The main reason that you should be avoiding iTunes to get out of recovery mode is because you can LOSE all your iPhone data. If you’ve backed up to iTunes in the last few hours, or even days, then you’ve probably made a good backup of your data, but chances are that you haven’t.

When iTunes performs recovery, it erases all un-backed up data from your iPhone.

You may also have never used iTunes or don’t have your iTunes computer handy (or it’s long gone) and so you really need another method of recovery.


What you can do about it

If you’re keen not to lose all your precious photos, text messages, contacts, videos and more, then you need to choose an alternative method in exiting recovery mode.

Dr. Fone by Wondershare is a specialized piece of software that can help you in your recovery mode dilemma without losing your data.

Dr. Fone is available for a free trial and has other iPhone tools loaded with it to help keep you from running into similar issues again. It features the return to normal mode, as well as data recovery services like when you accidentally deleted important files or has done a factory reset without backing up.

To learn how to get iPhone out of recovery mode without iTunes, download the software to your computer and follow the steps listed below.


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Step 1. Open up Dr. Fone and you will land on the start screen for the program. The automatic mode that opens is Recover from iOS Device. Because we want to fix the phone (not recover deleted data), click on the tab at the top of the program marked Fix iOS to Normal.



Step 2. Here is where we see all the modes that Dr. Fone can recover from. Note that it can also recover from a blank screen, the white Apple symbol, recovery mode, as well as other error screens. It states that using this method will not cause any data loss to occur. It also says that it will update your phone to the latest version of iOS after running (which is handy if that’s what you were in the middle of doing anyway). Press Start to begin the process.




Step 3. If you haven’t plugged your phone yet into your computer, now is the time to do so. Shut down iTunes and any phone software that pops up on your screen.

Step 4. You will need to verify your device model using Dr. Fone. This is because the program will download the latest firmware for your phone. If you’re sure all the details are correct on the screen, you can then continue by pressing the Download button.



Step 5. The firmware will start downloading to your computer. This process should not take too long.



Step 6. Once the firmware has finished downloading, Dr. Fone will start to repair your phone. This may take a while. Let the program run; don’t interrupt it and don’t start trying to use your phone. If you do this, it may cause bricking of your phone, making it completely unusable.



Step 7. Once everything has finished, your phone will be ready for use again with the latest version of iOS installed and all your data still there!


See how easy it is on how to get iPhone out of recovery mode without iTunes. If you want to have a look at the other features of Dr. Fone, have a browse through what you can recover by trying out the Recover from iOS Device tab. Do try it today.


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