How to Hide Secret Photos on iPhone

hide secret photos on iPhone



It’s no secret that many of us need to hide secret photos on iPhone! Whether it’s a drunken party snap that you’d prefer your family didn’t accidentally flip to when they’re checking out your graduation photos, or a racy picture sent to your love interest, some of the pictures that we take need to be kept away from prying eyes. Here are a few ways to hide secret photos on iPhone.


Hide Secret Photos on iPhone from your Moments, Years, and Collections

If you’re just a little concerned by friends or family members having a bit of a browse flipping through your photos and accidentally stumbling across a picture that they shouldn’t see, then you can probably just use the inbuilt function in your iPhone to “hide” photos. This function isn’t exactly foolproof – people will still be able to browse to your hidden photos if they know how. It simply prevents an accidental flip to a secret photo if they’re just having a browse through your birthday party pics or the like.

To hide secret photos on iPhone using this function, follow these steps:


1. Open up your photos in either your Camera Roll or Albums and browse through to find the picture that you want to hide.

2. Tap on the photo to display it.

3. Press and hold on the photo to bring up the menu that says “Copy” or “Hide” and select “Hide”.

4. Choose Hide Photo from the popup that appears to confirm your decision.

5. Photo will now not be visible from your Moments, Years and Collections.


You can access the hidden photos by going into your Photos app and selecting Albums, and then the frankly silly named album “Hidden”.

hiding secret photos on iPhone


Hiding your Photos in a Locked “Vault”

There are a number of photo vault apps on the market that give you the opportunity to hide secret photos on iPhone. These private photo vaults offer superior protection against unwanted snooping on your private photos and some even offer video protection, too. Some are free, some are paid, and some offer extra features available for a fee. Just look around and pick one that you feel works best for you.


Password Protection

Look for apps that offer password protection and features like camera snapshots if people are trying to access the app, so you can take a picture of your snoop, and track their location with GPS too!



Some apps also offer the option of being “invisible” in your list of apps – only accessible via typing in a code from your keypad. This means that people looking on your iPhone won’t even realize that you have secret photos stored on your phone at all. Others offer a “trick” app, such as a calculator or another unassuming front so that the app itself won’t be instantly recognizable as a vault.




To make sure that your photos are actually protected, ensure that the app that you choose has secured encryption. If the photos are not encrypted, this means that others may be able to find them with a bit of technology savvy.



Be careful if you are going to wipe your phone with these apps as your photos will usually need to be backed up first – they generally won’t be recoverable after a wipe, although some apps do offer recovery (usually for a fee). Recovery tools may have mixed results. Keep in mind that if you are able to recover the wiped photos using a different app or tool, then it’s pretty much guaranteed that anyone else could do so, too.

So to wrap up, in the app that you choose to hide secret photos on iPhone you should look for:

  • Password protection
  • Secure storage of credentials
  • Hidden or dummy app front
  • Encryption (very important!)
  • Video hiding if desired
  • Recovery or backup service if desired

Aside from apps, you can also try services with password protection such as Google Drive or DropBox. These also let you access the photos from all devices, including computers, and may be trusted to be more secure.


Privacy is extremely important these days, and they are not only applicable for our passwords, banking details, and other identifying information. Special memories that you want to keep secret or simply just some sexy snaps sent to a lover need to be kept secure. Choose the right method to protect your privacy.

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