How To Recover Data From Water Damaged iPhone

Your iPhone’s fried. You ended up getting water damage in your iPhone. This will serve as a lesson now not to go swimming with your phone inside your pocket. Or go jumping in puddles. Or sweating too much in the nightclub.

Before you give up completely and go back to square one and just forget about all those messages and photos that you’ve lost and post up on Facebook asking for everyone’s numbers, listen up! Even if you can’t turn your phone on and it doesn’t work anymore, you might still be able to recover all your data. That’s right – your chip’s fried but your data lives on.

So how is this possible?

You may or may not know this but if you haven’t configured your iPhone otherwise, it backs up to the iCloud every time you put it on for a long charge with a Wi-Fi connection enabled. Basically, this means that every night while you’re sleeping, your data is being backed up on Apple’s servers somewhere. The only chance that this isn’t happening is if you deliberately configured your iPhone when you got it not to back up to the iCloud.

So even when your phone memory isn’t accessible, all your data is still out there in the cloud. Great news, isn’t it?!

So just how do you go about getting that data back from the iCloud?

The easiest way to get it back is by using a third party recovery software like Dr. Fone. Dr. Fone is an easy-to-use program that you can download and install on your laptop or desktop computer. It is compatible with Mac or Windows and you don’t even need to use the same computer as the one that your iTunes account is on. It’s got a clean user interface that is relatively simple to use.

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Once you’ve fired up the software, you will see a screen like the one below. On it you will have options to recover data from your phone directly (only useful if your phone can turn on), recover data from your iTunes account (practical if you have backed up using iTunes), recover from your iCloud account (this is the one we are going to use) and the option to fix your phone.

Unfortunately, the ‘fix your phone’ option won’t fix a water damaged iPhone, but it can help when you’re stuck in recovery mode or some strange loop.

Pick the option along the top to recover data from your iCloud backup file. Dr. Fone will ask you to put in your Apple ID and password. This is the one you use when you log into your App Store account for any purchases made.

If you’ve forgotten your user name or password, there’s an option to click down the bottom of the screen to recover them too. When you’ve entered all your details correctly, go ahead and select the arrow button next to the password field to log into your account.



Once you have successfully logged in, Dr. Fone will go into the iCloud and retrieve all your stored data backup files. If you have owned other iPhones or even iPads, these details will show up alongside your current phone files. To pick the correct one, choose the file with your iPhone name and/or the file with the most recent timestamp to the current time. Click on the Download button once you have selected the correct file.



Dr. Fone will go in and grab all of your data from the iCloud. It can retrieve all your Contacts, Camera Roll, App Videos, Messages, Attachments, Whats App History, Call History, Calendar, Reminders, Bookmarks, Memos and more! The scan may take a little time to complete depending on the speed of your Internet connection. Let it run until it has finished before taking a look through all your files.

You will see that everything is arranged into categories listed down on the left portion of the page. Clicking on each one will show all the files recovered in that category. You will notice checkboxes next to each category and each file. You can select which files or entire categories you would like to save onto your computer by ticking these checkboxes.

Choose which files you would like to save and click on the Recover button to start the saving process. Once all the files are successfully saved to your computer, you now have full access to them whenever you like. Transfer them to another phone if you need access whilst your iPhone is out of action.



Now that you’ve learned how to recover data from water damaged iPhone, act fast before it’s too late. Try Dr. Fone and see what files can be salvaged from your phone. And be careful next time not to wet your precious device!

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