How To Recover Deleted Videos from iPad

Accidentally deleted your videos from your iPad? It happens. Luckily, there is an easy way to restore them, along with other content including photos, messages and contacts.

Dr. Fone is a piece of software designed to work with your iOS device to regain lost data. Despite the name, Dr. Fone can be used with all versions of the iPad:

  • iPad 1
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 4
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Mini 1
  • iPad Mini 2
  • iPad Mini 3


It gets the name Dr. Fone because it also works with iPhones (from iPhones 3 to 6) and also the iPod Touch 3 & 4.

We’re going to run through the steps involved in using each of the retrieval methods that Dr. Fone uses to recover deleted videos from iPad (including other lost data from your iOS device). You can follow along once you’ve installed the Dr. Fone software to your Mac or PC.




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Recovery Method #1 : Recover from iOS Device aka Retrieve from your actual iPad

Note: If you’ve lost your iPad, this recovery method isn’t going to be an option as you need to plug in your iPad to your computer for it to work.


1. Go ahead and start up the Dr. Fone software. You’ll have a list of options up the top there, select the one that says Recover from iOS Device. Plug in your iPad and you’ll be ready to go. It should come up with the name of your iPad on the screen. When it does, click on the Start Scan button to get going.



2. The software will scan your iPad’s memory for all the files it contains (both deleted and not deleted). Wait for the scan to finish; you’ll be able to tell where it’s at by the progress bar. When the scan is all done, click on the Camera Roll on the left to find all your photos and videos. If you only want to show the deleted ones, click on the option that says Only show deleted items (above the files themselves). Go through and select which of your deleted videos you want to keep and then click the Recover button. This will start the retrieval process to save them to your computer.


Recovery Method #2 : Recover from iTunes Backup File aka Recover from your iTunes file stored on your computer

Note: If you’ve never used iTunes to sync your iPad, check out the third method of retrieval instead. Syncing your iPad with iTunes is when you plug your iPad into your computer by the USB and start up iTunes to have the content shared across on both.


1. Click on the option Recover from iTunes Backup File. All your iOS devices that you’ve synced with iTunes on your computer will appear on this page. Select your correct iPad on the list and then click Start Scan.



2 .The scan will now begin – wait until it’s fully completed to start going through your files. Click on the Camera Roll on the left to view all your photos and videos stored in the iTunes backup file. On top, move the toggle button if you wish to Only display the deleted items. Go through all the files and select which ones you want to keep. Click Recover to start to recover deleted videos from iPad and save them to your computer.


Recovery Method #3 : Recover from iCloud Backup File aka Recover from the iCloud stored out there on the Apple servers

Note: Your iPad automatically backs up to the iCloud overnight when it’s plugged in to charge and there is an active wifi connection. If you don’t ever have a wifi connection or you’ve turned off iCloud backups manually, this won’t be a recovery method you can use.


1. Click on the option to Recover from iCloud backup file. Enter your Apple ID and password correctly. This is the information you use when you download apps in the App Store.


2. The software will go and retrieve a list of your iCloud backups from the iCloud. There may be lots of devices and dates listed for each device here. Find the one for your iPad just before you deleted the videos then click on the Download button next to it to start scanning that iCloud backup file.




3. Wait until the scan has completed. You’ll be able to tell when it’s done when the blue progress bar up the top is full. Go and find the Camera Roll item on the left and click it. It will generate all of your photos and videos from your iPad. If you just want the deleted ones to appear, slide the Only show deleted items option found on top. Go through the list and select all the ones you want to keep then click on the Recover button to start the retrieval process and save the files back to your computer.


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