How To Recover Deleted Videos from iPhone

There comes an inevitable time when you will lose content on your iPhone. You have either deleted it accidentally, lost your iPhone, broken your iPhone, or your iPhone has simply quit on you for no good reason.

It’s not a pleasant situation to face at all. You can either forget about what you’ve lost and move on, or madly Google around to try and find a solution. Now, that first option is pretty much not viable. Your videos, photos, messages, contacts, whatever you’ve managed to lose are extremely important!

Luckily, to save that mad Google and 1000 hours of effort, there is a very clever little software package called Dr. Fone to help you retrieve all your data from your iPhone. It is easily downloadable from the Wondershare website (where they also have a bunch of other very useful data retrieval software tools) and runs neatly on your Mac or PC. They even have a version of Dr. Fone for Android if you’ve managed to do the same thing on your Android device.


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The software works with all versions of iPhone (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6), iPads, and iPod Touch 3 and 4. Because of this, you’ll be able to use the software to recover data from your old devices even if they’re dead as well.

Dr. Fone works in three different ways to recover deleted videos from iPhone. You have the option to recover from the device itself which involves scanning your iPhone to find deleted data on it. You also have the option to recover from your iTunes backup file which scans your iTunes directory to find data that’s been backed up when you synced your phone to iTunes. Lastly, you have the option to recover from iCloud which scans your iCloud account to find backup files made from your iPhone.

There is also an option to repair Operating System should your iOS software malfunctions (you’re getting the Apple screen of death, etc).

Here are the steps how to recover deleted videos from iPhone using each of the options mentioned above.


Option 1: Recover from iOS Device



After installing and starting up the Dr. Fone software, tap on the option to Recover from iOS Device (up the top). If you haven’t done so already, plug your phone into your computer via its USB cord. There should be a message that pops up saying that your iOS device has been connected, with the name of your iPhone appearing down the bottom. Click on the button underneath your phone name that says Start Scan.





Wait for all your phone data to spring up on the page. You can see how much of the scan has completed by the blue bar up the top. Your videos will appear under the Camera Roll item (under Photos & Videos on the left). To find just the deleted videos, tap the button found on top to Only display deleted items then select which ones you’ll keep. Press Recover to start the recovery process.

Note: If you’ve done any operations on your phone after deleting the videos, they may have been overwritten which means you will need to try the next two options instead.


Option 2: Recover from iTunes Backup File


If you’ve used iTunes on your computer and synced your iPhone with it, you will be able to use this option. Tap on the option to Recover from iTunes Backup File found on top. You should see the backup files of all your iOS devices pop up on the screen. Select the one that is the iPhone you’ve lost your videos with and then tap Start Scan at the bottom right.



Wait for the iTunes backup file scan to complete. You’ll be able to see its progress by the blue bar up the top. Go and select the Camera Roll item under Photos & Videos on the left. To get only your deleted videos, on top, there’s a toggle button with an option to Only display the deleted items. To recover deleted videos from iPhone, go through and select which ones you want to recover then hit Recover down the bottom right to start the process.


Option 3: Recover from iCloud Backup Files


On top, select Recover from iCloud Backup File. A page will pop up requesting that you enter your Apple ID and password.




After you’ve entered your correct Apple ID details, a list will come up detailing all your iCloud backups on each of your iOS device/s. Choose the one for your iPhone with the date closest to (but before) you deleted your videos. Click the Download button next to this entry.



Wait for the scan of the iCloud backup to complete. There’s a progress bar found on top so you can see how far you are with the scanning. Go through the Camera Roll under the Photos & Videos category on the left. To display only your deleted files, tap on the Only display the deleted items option up the top. Run through and choose which deleted videos you want to keep then click the Recover button to start the recovery process.

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