How To Recover iPad Data After Restoring Factory Settings

Let’s face it, we don’t always do very smart things – like leave a roast chicken out on the bench with the cat in the kitchen, forgetting to bring our shopping list to the supermarket, drinking red wine with a nice white shirt on, or simply wiping out our iPad without saving its data first.

I can’t help you with the cat eating your dinner, nor can’t I help you get everything you need from the supermarket or fix your nice white shirt, but I can help you get the files back off your iPad after you’ve done a factory reset!

And if that’s not good enough words to your ears then here’s some more – it’s surprisingly easier than you’d think.

When you do a factory reset on an iPad, it wipes everything from it. However this doesn’t mean its files are truly gone. Let’s get a little technical for a minute. If the slots in the iPad memory where the data was located has not been overwritten by new ones (ie. you haven’t done many operations/installations on the iPad since the wipe), then you can still go and recover that data. It’s not really gone, it’s just been marked as memory where you can write over with new stuff.

Ok, so let’s say you have done lots of operations on your iPad since the wipe. You should still be able to get your files back. If you’ve ever used iTunes on your computer to sync your iPad, you may have a backup created under the iTunes folder on the computer. If you have never used iTunes, you can still get your files back. If you’ve plugged in your iPad to the wall, locked, with an active wifi connection, your iPad should have been sending backups of itself to the iCloud.

So you see, there are three ways in which you can recover iPad data after factory reset. To access these file recovery methods, you can use a nifty program called Dr. Fone. You install Dr. Fone to your computer (PC or Mac) and it works with your iPad, with your iTunes and with your iCloud account to find your missing files. You can use Dr. Fone with all the iPads. That’s the iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 1, iPad Mini 2 and iPad Mini. It also can be used with your iPhone or iPod Touch.


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Dr. Fone works to recover an impressive amount of files. This includes contacts, messages, your camera roll, photo stream, app photos, app videos, app documents, Facebook Messenger history, WhatsApp history, calendar events, reminders, notes, Safari bookmarks, voice memos and voicemail.

Check out below how to use Dr. Fone and start to recover iPad data after factory reset.

How to Recover from iOS Device

After downloading Dr. Fone, go in and start up the program. Choose Recover from iOS Device and then plug the iPad into your computer by the USB cable. Once the device name shows up on screen, choose to Start Scan.


The scan of your iPad will take a few minutes to run through. When it’s finished, go through each of the nodes on the left and select which file/s you want to recover by ticking the checkboxes. Once you’ve got all the data you want to save to your computer, choose to Recover to start recovery.



How to Recover from iTunes Backup File


From the main window, choose Recover from iTunes Backup File. If iTunes has made backup copies of your device’s files, you’ll see the device name listed. Choose the backup file date closest to just before you wiped your iPad, then choose to Start Scan.


After the iTunes backup file has finished scanning, you can go and examine the files. Have a look through all of the data groups and ensure everything you want to keep has a ticked checkbox. Choose the Recover button to save the files to your computer when you’re done.


How to Recover from iCloud Backup File


Choose to Recover from iCloud Backup File. You’ll be asked to put in your Apple ID as well as your associated password. These will be the details you use when making purchases in the App Store.



If your iPad has iCloud backup files, they will be listed below. You may see many different devices if you own (or have owned) a lot of Apple products. Find the entry on the list with the name of your iPad on it and the date closest to just before you wiped your iPad. Choose to Download the data.



Wait for the download from the iCloud to finish. When it’s done, go through the groups listed and ensure all the data you want to keep is checked and the ones you don’t need is unchecked. When you’re ready, hit the Recover button found at the bottom right.



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