How to Recover iPhone Data after iOS 10 Upgrade

Recover iPhone Data after iOS 10 Upgrade with Dr. Fone from Wondershare


When the iOS 10 came out, Apple users couldn’t wait to enjoy the new functionalities like dual app multi-tasking and proactive Siri suggestions. But the process of initiating the upgrade either failed for many. Or resulted in loss of almost all critical data like notes, calendar appointments and even bookmarks!

If you are an Apple enthusiast who is disappointed and frustrated because of lost access to important details, you need a streamlined, powerful application like Dr. Fone from Wondershare. This software downloaded directly to a PC or Mac is capable of scanning your iPhone as well as iTunes and iCloud backup to recover information that you just can’t operate without.


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But Before Launching a Scan, Please Note


1.     If the iOS update has gone through successfully and data loss has been detected, please connect the device to Dr. Fone immediately and initiate the scan. The more you wait and use other apps, the higher is the possibility of an incomplete retrieval.


2.     To use the software, the iPhone has to be physically connected to a PC/laptop. If the computer happens to support the iTunes account as well, there is going to be auto syncing of data between iPhone and iTunes, overwriting the lost information that could have been recovered from device body. This is undesirable, especially if your iTunes is not up to date. Visit the iTunes dashboard, choose “Preferences”, click on “Devices” and tick “Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically”.


data recovery after iOS 9 upgrade


3.     The iPhone needs to be in Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) mode for root application. To reach this state:

  • Press the Power button for 3 seconds
  • Press the Power and Home button together for 10 seconds
  • Release the Power button but keep the Home button pressed for 15 seconds


Since the steps must be precisely executed, an animated screen is available that guides users through the sequence.

data recovery after upgrading to iOS 9


Mode 1: Recover from iOS Device

This involves probing the iPhone body for lost information. For those who are not regular about taking backups, this is often the only option available for restoring information.

1.     Connect iPhone to the PC/laptop supporting Dr. Fone and put the device in DFU mode. Next launch the software and choose the first option “Recover from iOS Device”.


2.     Allow Dr. Fone to determine compatibility with the connected iPhone. When a match is found, the “Start Scan” button becomes available.

recover iPhone data after iOS 9 upgrade



3.     A scan that is underway notes the time to process completion with a progress bar. The “Stop” and “Pause” buttons to the right of this bar are used to disrupt the scan by terminating or halting it midway. This allows you to examine the data that has been already identified as recoverable by the system and restore them immediately.

how to recover iPhone data after iOS 9 upgrade



4.     When a scan completes, the display screen comes on. The directory to the left has nodes – each representing a particular data category. You can easily navigate all available files with this directory and zero in on particular types like videos, images or voice notes. Use the search bar to call up items by keyword. Use the On/Off slider to filter the view by only deleted information. Finish up by choosing files in bulk or individually by ticking appropriate checkboxes.

restoring iPhone data after upgrading to iOS 9



5.     Click “Recover”. You can either restore your data back to the iPhone or save it to the PC/laptop.


retrieving deleted files after iOS 9 upgrade


Mode 2: Recover from iTunes Backup File

iTunes is the offline backup platform that supports Apple users. Its backup containers are saved to the hard disk of the computer on which it is installed.  The advantage of using Dr. Fone is speed. Typically you can’t really pick and choose the files you would like to restore back to your iPhone. But with the Wondershare system, you can selectively retrieve items that are important to you, thereby reducing the time to full recovery.


1.     Connect the iPhone to Dr. Fone and put the device in DFU. Next choose the second option – Recover from iTunes Backup File.


2.     When presented with a list of backup files, pick the one that is the most recent, holding all the information that you seek. Use file name, size and date of creation to inform your decision. With the right container picked, hit “Start Scan”.

 how to restore iPhone data after iOS 9 upgrade



3.     As in the previous mode, choose the items you wish to recover and restore them back to your iPhone.

recover data after iOS 9 upgrade


Mode 3: Recover from iCloud Backup File


iCloud is essentially an online application. Thus to access and retrieve data from its accounts (which are on Apple’s servers), apart from Dr. Fone, an Internet connection is also required.


1.     Put the iPhone in DFU mode, connect it to Dr. Fone, and select the third alternative – Recover from iCloud Backup File.


2.     You must enter your iCloud account credentials when prompted to do so.

retrieving iPhone data after upgrading to iOS 9


3.     Pick the backup file that best serves your purpose because it has all the data you are seeking and click “Download”.


how to restore iPhone data after iOS 9 upgrade



4.     From the pop-up, choose the data categories that are relevant to you. For example if you are looking to recover images, ensure that “Photos” and “Camera Roll” are the only checkboxes ticked. Hit “Next” to commence with the download and subsequent extraction.

data recovery from iPhone iOS 9


retrieving iPhone files after iOS 9 upgrade


5.     Choose the items that have to be retrieved and restore them back to the iPhone.

how to retrieve iPhone data after upgrading to iOS 9


How to recover iPhone data after iOS 10 upgrade is a question that is repeated on many sites and forums. Dr. Fone is the easiest, most convenient answer. Recapping the sequence:

  • Connect the iPhone in DFU mode to Dr. Fone
  • Select the mode that makes the most sense
  • Choose the right backup file if needed
  • Allow the scan to complete
  • Restore files back to the device




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