How to Reset iPad to Factory Settings

Are you ready to do a factory reset? Looking for ways how to reset iPad to factory settings? Performing a factory reset of your iPad is a good way to clear all the junk that has accumulated off your iPad every now and then. If you’re in any of the following situations, then give a factory reset a go:

  • You want to sell or hand over your iPad to someone else
  • You think you might have contracted a virus on your iPad
  • Your iPad memory keeps running out
  • Your iPad is going very slow
  • You have a lot of junk files or apps on your iPad but you don’t want to have to delete them one by one
  • You want to update your operating system to a completely new version (eg. iOS 8 to iOS 9)

Before performing a factory reset on your iPad, you will need to backup all of your data first (unless you are completely sure that you won’t need it ever again). If you do a factory reset without backing up, it may be impossible to retrieve those pictures from two years ago that you took on your iPad and forgot about.


Backing Up

Backing up your iPad before you do a factory reset gives you complete peace of mind. Even if you don’t actually need your files after all, it is always better to be safe than sorry, as they say.

Back up with a third party tool like Dr. Fone to get an easy-to-access backed up data package. Dr. Fone is a tool by software house Wondershare which is designed to recover data from your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. You download Dr. Fone to your computer – it isn’t an app that runs on your iPad itself.

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After you download and install Dr. Fone, you can try out the steps below to back up your iPad data with the software and proceed later on with how to reset iPad to factory settings.

1. Connect up your iPad to your computer using the data cable that came with your device. It should have a USB port to plug into the computer.

2. Shut down any software that starts up automatically.

3. Start Dr. Fone.



4. You will see this screen. Press Start Scan to begin finding all the data on your iPad.

5. The scan is now running. Wait for the scan to end.


6. Scan is completed. You will see all different data types listed down the left side of the page. The middle part of the page will display the collection of all items when a particular data type is selected. All your data and data types are automatically selected (see the checkboxes). Press Recover on the bottom right to save all your iPad data to your computer, ready for use later.

7. That’s it! You’re backed up. Exit Dr. Fone, unplug your iPad from the computer by unplugging the data cable, and then move on to the factory reset.

Performing the Factory Reset


1. Go into Settings via the gear wheel icon on your iPad.

2. Down the very bottom of the list of settings will be a field labeled Reset. Click on it to go into the Reset settings.

3. There will be a list of items here to choose from. Choose the option labeled Erase all Content and Settings.

4. You will need to enter your iPad passcode to verify that you would like to erase all your content and settings on the iPad. You wouldn’t want to accidentally delete everything on your phone after all, would you?!

5. The iPad will perform its factory reset. This process can take up to 20 minutes or so to complete, so wait patiently. You don’t want to interrupt the factory reset process. You will know it is ready to go when you’re presented with a screen telling you that it’s done.

6. After completion of the factory reset, you will need to load all the data back onto your iPad from the backup (well the content you want to put back on it, anyway). Install all your apps again and you will be ready to go with a fresh, new setup.

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