How to Reset iPhone to Factory Settings

“I’m sick of my phone running super slow with apps crashing all the time. I’m pretty sure my iOS release is corrupted somehow. It just doesn’t run as smoothly as it’s supposed to and I am at my wit’s end!” – Ben

If you’re feeling a little bit like Ben, then you will probably want to consider doing a factory reset of your phone. It is the most reliable way to remove persistent software and firmware issues that have been plaguing your iPhone. With a fresh iOS install, you can start again without all the problems that you are currently experiencing. Do note though that if you reset your iPhone to factory settings, you will have to back up your phone data first, otherwise it will all be wiped.

Another reason why you might resort to a factory reset is if you will be selling your iPhone, or perhaps even just giving it to a friend or charity. In this case, you may want to make sure that your data is backed up somewhere else before wiping it from your phone.


How to back up first

If you don’t want to lose all the data on your iPhone then stop and back up right now! We like to use the number one data recovery tool for iOS users around the world, Dr. Fone. Dr. Fone can recover data from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, meaning you can easily back up your iPhone before beginning a factory reset.

Dr. Fone is a third party software tool that is available to download onto your computer. It has a number of data recovery options, along with the option to fix your phone too (not a smashed screen – it can’t do that one!).

If you’d like to download this utility and navigate through it, then do so now.

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When you open up the software program, it will ask you to plug in your iPhone to your computer to get started. You can do this by using the USB cable supplied with your phone. From this point, shut down any other phone apps. When your phone is recognized, Dr. Fone will show your phone name on the screen above a bright green Start Scan button. Click on this button to continue.



Scanning will then commence. You can tell how far along the scan is by checking out the blue progress bar at the top of the page. Note that you can Pause or Stop the scan at any time if necessary. You will see now that lots of data are filling up the page. This is the contents of what is being found on your phone. You will be able to find Messages, Call History, Contacts, Photos, Videos, Calendar, WhatsApp History, Voicemail, Reminders, App Photos, Videos, and Documents, Safari Bookmarks and Voice Memos. It is best to wait for the scan to finish running before you start “rummaging” your data.

When the scan is complete, you can start going through it. If you just want to save everything and examine it all later, click on the Recover button down the bottom straight away. This will start saving all information to your computer. If you want to be more selective, go ahead and either select or deselect the checkboxes next to each piece of data before you click on the Recover button.


That’s it, you’re done! Now on to the factory reset…


The Factory Reset

How to reset iPhone to factory settings? If you’ve never done a factory reset before, don’t worry, you’re in good hands.

Now, you are able to perform factory reset of your iPhone with iTunes but why bother messing around with that when you can just use your phone?

Grab your iPhone (it doesn’t matter which model it is) and open up its settings. Here, at the bottom of the Settings list, will be an item named Reset. Tap on Reset to enter the function. There will again be some more options. Tap on Erase All Content and Settings. Since this a very important function, you will be asked to enter your iPhone passcode for the phone.

Once the phone starts on its factory reset mission, you will need to wait for it to finish. The entire process may take around 20 minutes to complete and your phone may or may not reset one or more times during the process.

Once the factory reset is complete, you will be ready to go with a brand new set up. From here, you can either start from scratch again or hand your phone over to the next user in line. You can then use the backup that you made to reload your phone with some or all of the information that you stored off it too!




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