How to Reset Network Settings on iPhone

Sometimes your iPhone just won’t play nice! You know that there’s a network that it should be connecting to but something just isn’t working. It’s kinda so frustrating! Whether it’s your Wi-Fi, cellular network or possibly even your Bluetooth, oftentimes, there’s no easy answer. However! We’ve got all the steps you can run through how to reset network settings on iPhone so you can try and get your network back into order. So read along and you’ll hopefully have network access all sorted in no time.



What is LTE?
You probably have heard of the terms 3G and even 4G but what exactly is LTE? Well, let’s dial it back just a little. Do you remember 2G? That was the initial data network capability of cellular phones. It was slow and couldn’t do much. Then came 3G, which was faster and had bigger data block sizes, allowing you to browse the web on your phone.

And what we have today: 4G. Well – not quite. LTE is essentially 4G though, with speeds fast enough on our phones to stream movies and the like.

LTE is available in all iPhones from iPhone 5 through the iPhone 6S. Previous models are 3G compatible only. So if you’re trying to connect to an LTE/4G network with an older phone, it’s just not possible. Also, LTE/4G is only available in selected countries around the world, but 3G is widely offered. Check first if either of these are your issues.





Why should I reset network settings?
If your networks aren’t working properly – perhaps your 3G or LTE connection isn’t working, or you’re not receiving calls or texts, and especially if your Wi-Fi connection isn’t working as it should, then you might like to reset your network settings.


What does reset network settings do on iPhone?
First of all, it’s going to forget all the networks that you’ve previously been connected to. This means it’s going to forget about all the Wi-Fi settings you have (like any saved access points), and it will no longer remember the passwords to networks (i.e. you won’t auto-connect to anything). It will also reset all your cellular data connections such as 3G and LTE.

You will need to get passwords again to set up networks afterwards. Basically it goes back to the factory settings your phone came with, like a fresh install – but without factory resetting your whole phone!



People reset network settings if they are having issues with connecting to networks and/or staying connected on their iPhones. There are also some other fixes that we list afterwards if resetting your network settings doesn’t fix your network issues.


How to Reset Network Settings on iPhone in 3 Steps


Here are the steps:


1. From Home, tap on Settings on your iPhone.

2. Select General.

3. Choose Reset, and then Reset Network Settings.

That’s it! You’ve reset your network settings.


Other Fixes

If resetting your network settings didn’t do the trick, then you might like to try these other fixes.

  • If your cellular (3G or LTE) connection isn’t working properly, check that it’s ON first! Go to Settings > Mobile > switch on Mobile Data and Enable LTE if they are not yet switched on.


  • Switching Airplane Mode off and then on again often does the trick too. Go to Settings, switch on Airplane Mode, wait 5 seconds, and then switch it off again.


  • You can also try switching off your phone, taking your SIM card out, wiping it with a clean cloth, and checking the SIM holder for debris, and then reinserting it and restarting your phone. Sometimes the connection between the SIM and the phone isn’t working properly, which this should fix.


  • If you have SIM PIN enabled, you might not be able to use cellular data. To switch it off, go to Settings > Phone > SIM PIN and switch it off if it’s on.


  • Updating iOS may also help. Connect your iPhone to a power source and then go to Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install, then install to get the latest version of iOS.



If worst comes to worst, you can always do a complete factory reset on your iPhone. Oftentimes, if the phone is having issues that other solutions don’t fix, a factory reset will do the trick. To factory reset your iPhone, first back up all your data, then go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings. Type in your passcode and then select Erase iPhone to reset your entire phone.

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