How To Send Text Messages From Mac Computer

Do you ever sometimes think to yourself, “Wow, it’d be super handy if I could send SMS from my computer instead of from my phone”? Well now, it’s all possible! Even though your computer doesn’t have a SIM card, if your phone and Mac are networked, then you can use your Mac to send (and yes, receive) all of your text messages. Previously only available by iPhone to Mac iMessages, you can now send and receive all SMS from a Mac, whether you’re an iPhone or an Android user.

Read on to learn how to send text messages from Mac computer, for both iPhone and Android.

Sending from a Mac if you’re an iPhone user



Running iOS 9 on your phone? iOS 9 came standard with all iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. However, if you upgraded your old iPhone from a previous version of iOS, then you’re also good to go. If you haven’t got iOS 9 yet, well then you’re going to need to do so to be able to send SMS from your computer. You can do this either by accessing the Settings on your phone and doing it over Wi-Fi, or connecting up with your computer and iTunes to do so.

Now make sure that both your computer and your phone are both on and accessing a common shared Wi-Fi network. Be certain also that you are signed into iCloud on your iPhone and iCloud on your Mac, too. You’ll need your Apple ID and password to do this.

On your phone, click on Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding. Text Message Forwarding will only pop up if there’s a suitable device (i.e. your Mac) on the Wi-Fi network. Toggle the switch here to ON – it will go green. Now you will be able to choose your Mac as the ‘send to’ device.

At this point, you will receive a validation request on your Mac. Head to your computer, specifically Messages for Mac and check out the 6 digit code that appears. Plug the code into your iPhone to pair your phone up with your computer.

Everything is now enabled and you can start sending SMS direct from your Mac!


Sending from a Mac if you’re an Android user



Unlike the iPhone, an Android phone won’t automatically pair with your Mac to send text messages. This is because the two systems, although compatible, are not designed to be tightly coupled. However, it is still possible to send SMS from your Mac when you’ve got an Android phone.

You’ll need to use a specific tool to do it for you that doesn’t come standard with a Mac. It’s called MobileGo for Android Pro (Mac) and it’s available for download by Wondershare. If you’d like to continue, head over and download the software first.

Once you’ve installed the software onto your Mac, launch it to begin. Grab your phone’s data cord and plug it in to the computer by the USB port. MobileGo will recognize your phone and be ready to go.


You’ll need to select SMS over on the left, which will then populate the right hand side of the screen with all of your text messages. To create a new message, select the ‘New’ button at the top of the screen. You can just easily reply to a message by typing in the input box at the bottom right of the screen where your conversation is displayed, and follow it up by pressing the ‘Reply’ button just below it.




MobileGo is also a great tool to backup all of the data on your phone. Not only can you back up your text messages, but everything else as well including your media files and contacts. The software is also handy for transferring music across from your computer, especially from iTunes, and syncing up your music, photos, and video libraries. You can also back up all your Android apps on your computer and delete the ones that you don’t need on your phone.

We hope this covers everything you need to know how to send text messages from Mac computer. Now you’ll be able to easily send through SMS straight from your computer instead of your phone, giving you back precious time and saving you from getting interrupted!

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