How To Use Find My iPhone



What is Find My iPhone? Find My iPhone is the inbuilt app included in your iPhone that helps you locate your phone should it happen to go missing. It is part of Apple’s software package and is a standard feature on all devices running iOS5 or higher, which is pretty much every iOS device. This app can locate your missing device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch – if they are running iOS5 or higher too). There is also a similar version available for Macs.

How to use Find My iPhone and how does it work? Find My iPhone works by tracking your iPhone using the onboard GPS built into your phone. With the GPS functionality, it can plot on a map just exactly where your phone is located. The accuracy of the tracking is usually pretty good. You can generally pinpoint it to within just a few meters!

The app can be handy if you’ve simply lost your phone somewhere, think you might have left it at work, left it in a cab, or have a suspicion that it’s been stolen. You will be able to track your phone if someone is moving it somewhere as Find My iPhone will give updates tracking its location.

You can also use Find My iPhone to make your phone play a loud sound even if it’s on silent (perhaps it’s hidden down the couch!), show the charge remaining on your phone, or remote lock and remote wipe your device.


How to set up Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is generally already switched on in your iOS device. To check, go into your Settings then tap on iCloud. You may be asked to sign into your account (this is just your Apple ID and password). Under the iCloud settings, scroll down until you reach Find My iPhone – tap it to enter the sub menu. Here you will see two options: ‘Find My iPhone’ and ‘Send Last Location’. Flick both of these switches to on (they will turn green).

That’s it! Find My iPhone will now be active on your phone. Send Last Location will send the last location your phone is in when the battery is about to die, too.


Using Find My iPhone to locate your device

There are two methods you can use when you have lost or misplaced your phone in order to find it again. You can either use your browser to locate it or download the Find My iPhone app on another device to start finding it. We’ll go over both methods below.




Using your browser

Open up your browser on your computer or device, whether it is Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or anything else that you prefer to use and type in into your address bar. Enter your Apple ID and password to sign into your iCloud account.


Once you are logged in, click the Find My iPhone icon and you will be taken to the locator screen where iCloud will attempt to find your phone. If you have multiple iOS devices, you can choose which one you want to find with the drop down menu up the top.


If successful, the screen will show a mapped location with a pinpoint indicator of where your phone will be. If your phone has been switched off, then you will be presented with a screen saying ‘All Devices Offline’.



Using the Find My iPhone app


Using another iOS device (either yours or a friend’s), head over to the App Store to download the Find My iPhone App. Once it’s installed on the device, launch the app to proceed. You will need to log in with your Apple ID and password (not your friend’s). From there, you can choose which device you would like to track and the app will start tracking it for you. You can use the Actions button to play a sound, lock your iPhone, etc.


Installing the Find My iPhone app is an easy way to track your iPhone when you’re out and about with someone and don’t have ready access to a computer.


Now that you know how to use Find My iPhone but still you don’t manage to find your iPhone after all that, then the best thing to do is report it to the police, in case it gets handed in to them or they find it somewhere, and remote erase all your data using the Find My iPhone app. This way, anyone who finds your phone won’t be able to access all of your personal information.

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