iPad Battery Dies Fast – What To Do

iPad battery dies fast? Do you find that you are running out of battery really quickly on your iPad? As in, you can’t even get through one day of use without having to go and recharge it again? You should be able to get at least one day’s worth out of your iPad, unless it’s one of the earliest generations.

A note about early generation iPads: early generation iPads were built for using the operating system they shipped with, running the sort of apps that were typical at the time. Because you may have upgraded to a newer version of iOS and are running apps developed recently, your early generation iPad will run out of battery quickly. This is because the newer operating systems and apps use more resources than the older ones thus your iPad wasn’t built to handle them. You might like to consider upgrading to a newer model if you try the fixes below and they still have little effect.


Exit all of the apps that you aren’t currently using

Apps continue chewing up power if you leave them switched on. To see all the apps that you currently have running, press your home button twice quickly. A list will come up of everything that is running. For each app that you want to close down, click on the red circle at the top of the app icon in the list. After you finish tidying up, press home and exit the list menu.


Switch off data and Wi-Fi

Leaving your network connections on when you don’t absolutely need them really drains your battery – especially if you are using your cellular data connection. To switch them off when they aren’t in use, go into Settings > WiFi > switch your WiFi off. For cellular data – go to Settings > Cellular > switch Cellular Data off. Always switch them off when you are not using them to get more life out of your battery, plus your data usage will go down too!


Decrease the brightness of your screen

The brighter the setting that your screen is set to, the more energy your iPad will consume. To see what your brightness settings are at the moment, go into your Settings then check the Display & Brightness. There should be a slider there. The further left the slider is, the dimmer your screen will be and the less power it will consume. Evidently, the further right the slider is, the brighter the screen and the more power it’s using. Pull the slider over to the left when you don’t need extra brightness on your screen.


Get a charging case for your iPad

Yep, if you haven’t heard of them yet, then you have now! You can purchase charging covers for your iPad instead of plugging it into the wall. You can charge your case and slip it on your iPad to get more charge from your device. There are even solar powered cases now that may give you up to ten days worth of charge for your iPad, how incredible!


Get a powerbank

If you’re not after a charging case, then the next best thing is a powerbank. You load them up with charge and then can take them anywhere with you. Look for powerbanks that hold the most milliamp hours (mAh) to get more charges out of your iPad. A powerbank with high mAh will be able to charge your iPad fully three times over or possibly more. You can also use a power bank with your other devices like your iPhone so it is definitely well worth the spend for a multi-use on the go charger!


So if you’ve got an old unit and your iPad battery dies fast, it’s probably due to the age of your device. Try our fixes above to get more from your battery. If you have a brand new iPad and you’re running out of battery fast, there may actually be something wrong with it. Check in with your local Apple store and have them take a look at your iPad to see if everything is working properly. This is especially important if you are still under warranty and they deem your iPad needs fixing. If your warranty has already expired, you’ll need to pay the costs to get it fixed.

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