iPad Stuck in Recovery Mode

Is your iPad stuck in recovery mode? Not turning on? Is the iTunes symbol showing up on your screen and that is all that is happening?

Your iPad enters Recovery Mode due to software or firmware issues that cannot be resolved by the device itself. Unfortunately, if you’ve just got your device, there’s nothing much that you can do but to take it to an Apple shop to be fixed.


However, if you happen to have a computer handy, then you’ve got the opportunity to easily fix your iPad all by yourself – and in just the amount of time that it takes to make yourself a cup of coffee or tea and drink it. Great news, hey?


So how do we do this? Well, the easiest way to do it is by using a third party software to help fix your iPad. The most downloaded iPad recovery software on the web is Dr. Fone by Wondershare. Even though the name says “Fone” in it, aside from iPhone, it’s also used to fix your iPad!


If you’d like to know how to fix your iPad stuck in Recovery Mode using Dr. Fone, read on. We’ve outlined the steps to help you fix your iPad below.


Steps to fix your iPad and get it out of Recovery Mode

1.     Head on over to download Dr. Fone. Once it’s done, open the installer and make sure that you install it in a convenient location, with all of your other backup tools.

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2.     Grab your iPad and find the USB connector cord. Hook it up to your computer.

3.     Launch Dr. Fone.

4.     Select ‘More Tools’ from the panel located on the left hand side of the program.



5.     Choose ‘Fix iOS to Normal’ from the icons in the center of the screen. It’s the one on the left hand side.



6.     Read the screen carefully. It says that it will help to fix a device stuck on the Apple logo, recovery mode loop, black screen, and more. It also says that it will update your device after fixing, re-lock the device (even for unlocked devices), and restore jailbroken devices.

7.     Click on the Start button to continue.


8.     Dr. Fone will probe into your iPad for its make and model. It should self-populate all fields on this screen. These details are needed to download the correct version of iOS to update your device to.


9.     Click on the Download button to the right of the window.




10.     Dr. Fone will now download the latest version of iOS and then will start to fix your iPad. You can watch the progress by observing the progress bar in the center of the screen.




11.     Dr. Fone will indicate than it has finished fixing your iPad.




12.     Examine your iPad to ensure that the process is complete. You might need to turn it on if it has switched off.

13.     Your iPad should now be fixed and you can continue using it as normal!


Dr. Fone can also be used to backup your iPad data or recover lost or deleted data from your iTunes, iCloud account, or from the device itself. It’s a handy tool to have sitting on your computer in case you need it from time to time.

Dr. Fone also works with most versions of the iPhone (from 3GS up) and with a limited range of iPod Touches. Wondershare also has a version of the software available for Android users for all your other devices.


Hopefully we’ve helped you fix your iPad stuck in recovery mode so it’s all back to normal.  If your iPad’s still not working, then it’s time for a little trip to the Apple shop to get it sorted out. You can cut your wait time in store by booking an appointment with one of the Apple Geniuses before you make your trip. Repairs are generally covered under warranty but if your warranty has expired, you may be liable to incur repair charges.

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