iPad Tips and Tricks



Your iPad isn’t just an app-playing, movie watching machine, you know! It’s capable of much more than that. Want to know more and get more out of your iPad? Then read up about some of these handy iPad tips and tricks!


iPad missing in the house somewhere?

We all misplace things. And we all know that there’s nothing worse than misplacing your device and then remembering you’ve left silent mode on. Noooo! Not to worry though, if your iPad is hiding down the couch, out in the backyard, on the bookshelf, or up in the attic (how did it get there!?) then you’ll be able to find it again easily, even if it is on silent.

To make your iPad play a loud noise, all you need to do is open up ‘Find iPhone’ on another device, log into your Apple account, and then select the iPad that’s gone missing. From here, select Actions and then Play Sound. Your iPad will then make a loud noise and you’ll be able to run off and locate it again. Too easy and saves that mad scramble around the house tearing your hair out.


Find an app for a specific city

Is travel on your agenda? It’s always better to go prepared! And what this means these days is not only remembering to pack your toothbrush and enough underwear, but to download some cool new apps for the area/s that you’ll be exploring. Want to know the best thing? You can do it easily on the App Store.

Simply open up the App Store and tap on Categories, then scroll down to select Travel. Scroll down again until you find the City Living category and browse through to your city of choice.

A good tip for those people visiting foreign places is to download offline apps and maps – you’ll never know where there’s going to have free Wi-Fi and where it doesn’t!



Drop a Pin

Need people to know where you are? Do it all easily from Apple Maps! To share your location with others, simply open up your Maps, tap on a pin, then tap on the arrow. After that, all you will have to do is tap on “Share” and choose who to send your location to!

You can choose to share your location via SMS, Twitter, or Facebook. This function is super handy when other people are trying to find you and you’re not the best at directions.


Ditch your laptop?

Or don’t want to buy a new laptop in the first place? Depending on what you would usually use a laptop for, you might just find that your iPad does the job for you entirely – with a few handy accessories of course! So what are the basics?

What you’ll need is an iPad keyboard case or a Bluetooth keyboard and iPad stand. This is essential. You can’t use your inbuilt iPad keyboard for too much really. An external hard drive is probably going to be necessary, too – that’s covered in the next section.

From there, you can add usability apps to your heart’s content and get to work!

It’s true that your iPad is nowhere near as powerful as a laptop computer, so if you’re a power user, a developer, or one of those million-tabs-open people, then this probably won’t work for you. Your early generation iPad also won’t be able to keep up with the demands, so make sure that it’s a later model.


Use it in combination with a Wi-Fi external hard drive

For some reason, the folks at Apple decided that expandable memory in their devices wasn’t a good idea so that’s a NO to micro SD cards. However, that’s old tech! We’ve now got terabyte external drives that you can simply access over a Wi-Fi connection. No cords, no fuss.

If you like to keep movies on your iPad or accumulate a lot of files, then this external drive will be your lifesaver! You can take it wherever you want and use it with other devices, too (including the Android or Windows systems).


There’s so much more to your iPad if you just know what to do with it! Now go ahead and start making some magic using these iPad tips and tricks!

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