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Lost your iPhone? Maybe you’ve managed to shatter your screen? Perhaps you are getting the Apple screen of death? Did you do a factory reset? Is it stuck in Recovery Mode? Maybe your iPhone just isn’t turning on? These things can, and will, happen at any time. Anyone who’s ever owned a mobile phone will be familiar with at least one or more of these occurrences.

The most worrying thing about any of these things happening to you is, of course, what you actually had stored on your phone. There is important data stored on all of our phones, stuff that we really just can’t live without! Baby pictures of your niece, a special text message from your partner, the phone number of your mate from Nicaragua, all your families birthdays, maybe even your travel packing list.

Fortunately, Apple has been thinking of us poor souls. Majority of our device’s data is no longer just stored on our phones, but backups are automatically created so that when these unfortunate incidents occur, you can always have a backup of all your important files.

Backups of your iPhone files are made each time you plug it into your computer and synced with your iTunes. Backups are also made to your iCloud account on Apple’s servers each time you lock your phone, plugged it in to charge, and have the wifi on and connected.

Since you’re continually making backups of your phone files, this means you can extract these files for recovery and resync them back to your iPhone or sync to a new one. Backups of our data usually include all these important categories: Contacts, Messages, Reminders, WhatsApp History, Call History, Safari Bookmarks, Notes, Calendar and Facebook Messenger.

To easily and securely retrieve all your files from backup, it is best to use the top iPhone backup extractor software today – Dr. Fone. This software runs on your computer (it comes in both PC and Mac versions) and suits recovery from backup of all iPhones from iPhone 3GS to iPhone 6 Plus, all iPads and iPod Touch 4 and 5.



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It can recover your iPhone backup file from both your iTunes and iCloud accounts. If you have an earlier device, recovery is often from the device itself. To see how the software works, download the software to your computer and follow both methods for iTunes and iCloud backup file extraction as explained below:

Recover from iTunes Backup File



1. If you have iTunes on your computer and have synced your phone with it, you will have a backup of your phone data stored in your iTunes. Select the Recover from iTunes Backup File option and you should be able to see a list of all the devices you’ve ever synced alongside their latest backup date. Choose your iPhone and press Start Scan.



2. Wait for the scan to complete before choosing which bits of data you want to extract and save to your computer. When you have chosen everything you want to retrieve from this iPhone backup extractor, press the Recover button.


Recover from iCloud Backup File




1. Go back to the original window and select Recover from iCloud Backup File. It will bring up a screen requesting that you sign in to your iCloud account. Enter your Apple ID and password to find all your backup files stored under your iCloud account.



2. Once you’ve successfully logged in, all your iCloud backups across all your iOS devices will come up (this may be a long list!). Select the iPhone backup you want with the correct date, then hit the Download  button to start getting this backup file from the Apple servers. You may even notice devices here you’d completely forgotten about.




3. Wait for all the backup data to populate. You’ll see all the categories you can choose from on the left hand side. Go through each category and choose which items you’d like to keep (by ticking the checkbox) and which items you’d not bother saving (by ensuring the checkbox is empty). When you have selected all the files you want to save to your computer, press the Recover button found at the bottom right corner.


Thankfully there is help when your phone has decided to fail on you –  an iPhone backup extractor. Using Dr. Fone to extract data from backup files (stored under both your iTunes and iCloud accounts) is the easiest way to get the most comprehensive amount of file back in your hands where it belongs. Moreover, Dr. Fone can not only save your data to your computer, but use this data to either resync your phone or sync it to another phone. With Dr. Fone, you can consider your files no longer lost, just hiding, and in need of a good extraction.



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Recover iPhone Data is your go-to source if you have deleted important information from your iPhone or iPad. It provides a detailed guide how you can securely recover missing data or for those files that you have mistakenly/accidentally deleted on how to get them back. Check this page regularly for news and updates.