iPhone Battery Dies Fast – How To Fix It

If you have a new iPhone and your charge runs on a very small amount of time, then the best course of action is to take it down to an Apple shop because that is not normal.

However, for those of us with older models or uses our iPhones a lot, well, you will just need some tips and tweaks to get more out of your iPhone battery. Take a look here at the best ways to stop your phone from running out of juice so quickly.


Turn down the brightness

A bright screen chews battery. You can set your screen to be less bright by going into Settings > Display & Brightness. Drag the slider over to the left.

Remember to always shut down all your apps

Apps can consume power in the background if you don’t shut them down completely. Power hungry apps or multiple apps running at once will drain your battery fast.

To switch off all your apps, tap your home button twice. You will see a row of apps appear down the bottom. These are all the apps currently running on your iPhone. Press and hold down on one of the apps until they all start jiggling about, then click on the red circle that appears on each app that you would like to stop. When you’re finished, click the home button again to dismiss the row of apps.


Turn off your data and Wi-Fi when you’re not using them

Wi-Fi and your data connection in particular can be huge battery hogs. Turn them off when you are not using them or just use one or the other. To turn off Wi-Fi, go to Settings then Wi-Fi. Switch the Wi-Fi slider to off. And to turn off data, go to Settings then Cellular and switch Cellular Data slider to off. Your calls and texts will still go through.


Delete all your apps that you don’t use

If your phone is running out of memory and has a million apps on it then why not do a tidy up? You should clean up your phone periodically like you do your house. Go through all the apps on your homepages and for each one that you no longer need, hold it down until it starts ‘shaking’ and then click on the cross button in the top corner to delete it.


Get a powerbank

If you are always running out of battery on the go and you’re not ready to upgrade to a new phone yet, then get your hands on a powerbank. These pocket-sized chargers plugs into your phone and can give you up to 6 times charge in each go. Look for a powerbank with a large amount of mAh to get the most bang for your buck.


Consider a charging cover

If you don’t want to carry around something extra in your pocket, the next best thing is a charging cover. These covers slot over the top of your iPhone and provide up to an extra 3x battery life compared to your phone alone. They also save your phone from unwanted damage, as they are, in fact, a phone cover too.


Update iOS

It is possible that your iPhone battery is running out quickly if you are using an old version of iOS, the operating system installed on your iPhone. You can easily update to the latest version of iOS without having to backup your iPhone by using Dr. Fone by Wondershare.

The software is a utility tool that you download to use on your computer that can help you fix common problems with the iPhone. It’s compatible with the 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6S as well as the Plus versions and all iPads. Download it and follow along to get the latest iOS update.


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The start screen is shown below. You will need to plug your iPhone into the computer via the data cable and then click on the section at the top right to Fix iOS to Normal.



An information screen will show like such. As you can see, the Fix iOS to Normal function can also help with a range of other issues that may be afflicting your iPhone. Press on the green Start button to continue.



Dr. Fone will attempt to determine your iPhone model and make to download the correct firmware required for an iOS update. If any of the details are incorrect, use the toggle boxes to set it to the correct settings. Press the Download button.



Your download will now start. Wait for it to complete. Once everything is done, Dr. Fone will tell you that your phone is ready to go. You can then unplug your iPhone freshly installed with the newest version of iOS.



iPhone battery dies fast – how to fix it? Worry no more! Give Dr. Fone a try.

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