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If you’ve landed on this article because your iPhone has been lost, damaged or has just died, then you came to the right place. Unfortunately, phones sometimes just don’t stand up to the test of time and sometimes we manage to do silly things like drop them off a two-story balcony or take them swimming with us. Whatever the case may be, it’s happened before to someone else and it will happen many times again.

Luckily, just because bad things happen to your iPhone doesn’t mean that its contents are lost forever. Your phone may not be in working condition but, chances are, you’ll still be able to get back all your data – photos, messages, contacts, etc. so you can get your life back on track, stress-free.

Dr. Fone is a neat piece of software that is available for download directly to your PC or Mac to help recover missing iPhone files. The software can work in three different ways to retrieve your lost data – so even if one or two of the recovery methods don’t manage to find your lost files, you may still be able to get it back in another way.

Today we’d like to run you through how to operate the software to help you get back your lost or missing files in the easiest, most comprehensive way possible. To proceed with iPhone data recovery, download Dr.Fone and you can follow the outlined steps below with either one of the three recovery methods: via your device, via iTunes, and via iCloud.


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Recover from iOS Device

When you start up Dr. Fone, you’ll be presented with the opening screen which lands on the Recover from iOS Device window. Plug in your phone to your computer and you’ll be ready to scan it. For this method, you’ll have to turn on your phone.


Select Start Scan when you are ready to start scanning your device. Dr. Fone will then begin the scan on your phone locating and retrieving all its files.


Wait until the scan is complete. You will be able to see the status bar filling up. Your landing page will be on the Camera Roll from your phone. Shown are all the photos you should be able to recover from your device. Go through each of the categories on the left and pick those you wish to recover.


Select the content in each one of the multiple categories you’d like to keep by ensuring the checkboxes to the left of the said content are ticked. Click Recover down the bottom right-hand side of the program to save the recovered data blocks to your computer.

Recover from iTunes Backup File

Dr. Fone will automatically scan your iTunes (if it is installed on your computer) for any backup files you’ve made previously. Usually, a backup is made when you have connected your phone to your PC in the past. Your phone should be listed in the home screen from the Recover from iTunes Backup File tab. Select Start Scan to run the iTunes backup file scan.


Walk through each one of those categories on the left to view what data is in your iTunes backup file from your iPhone. Select the ones you want to keep by making sure the checkbox next to it is ticked. Press Recover to save the selected file/s to your computer.


Recover from iCloud Backup File

The last option will be to Recover from iCloud Backup File. After selecting this mode, the utility will request you sign into your iCloud account. This is just your Apple ID and password. If you’ve ever backed up with iCloud – which is likely unless you have set specific settings in your phone for not doing so – you will have backup copies of your data stored in your iCloud. Enter your details to find your backup files.


When your details have been entered correctly, you will see all the backup files from each of your iOS devices displayed. Select the matching backup from your phone (usually it would be the latest backup that you are after – check the date). Click Download to start recovering files from your iCloud.



Go through each category to the left and ensure that the content you want to keep has its checkbox/es ticked. In each category, press the Recover button to download the selected content to your computer.

And there you have it – three ways to perform iPhone data recovery using the reliable Dr. Fone software. Once you have Dr. Fone handy, you’ll never have to worry again about losing your precious iPhone data, even if you lose your phone! The key to being able to recover as much files as possible is to back up your iPhone often. Backups can be made either by connecting your iPhone to your computer to sync with iTunes or by ensuring that iCloud backups are enabled. iCloud will backup automatically if it is plugged in to charge with an active wifi connection. So fret not if you lose your important files. Restore it easily by using Dr. Fone whenever your iPhone fails.

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