iPhone Internet Not Working



Struggling to connect to the Internet with your iPhone? Troubleshooting can be a real pain. Here’s our guide to help you nail down your problem if your iPhone Internet not working.

Cellular Internet Not Working


1. Check if Airplane Mode is on

Settings -> Airplane Mode (should be off – grey)


2. Check if Cellular Data is on

Settings -> Mobile -> Mobile Data switched on (green).


2.1 Check cellular data is allowed on your app

Settings -> Mobile -> Scroll down to apps and check your app is enabled (green).

2.2 Check you are receiving SMS

Send an SMS to your iPhone from a different phone. If it doesn’t come through, you’ve got carrier issues. Follow steps 3.1 onwards to work out carrier issues.





3. Are you connected to a data service provider?

Check at the top of your display. It should say your carrier (e.g. Verizon) – if it does, skip ahead to Wi-Fi Not Working section. If it says “No Service”, you are not connected to a carrier, continue on 3.1.


3.1 Turn your iPhone on and off

It’s so easy, but often works!

Hold down On/Off button -> slide toggle to switch off -> wait 10 seconds -> hold down On/Off button until your phone switches on.

3.2  Switch on Airplane Mode, then switch it off again

Settings -> Airplane Mode (turn on to green) -> Wait 5 seconds -> Airplane Mode (turn off to grey)

3.3 Connect manually to a carrier

Settings -> Service Provider -> Automatic (turn off to grey)

This will then populate a list of carriers in the area, scroll through and choose the one you want – usually your own network provider, unless you are overseas.

3.4 Remove and reinsert your SIM card

Sometimes there is a problem with the pin connections with your SIM. Take your SIM card out, wipe it with a dry cloth, examine the holder for any debris (and clean if necessary), then put it back in again.

3.5 Call your carrier

Check there aren’t any current blocks on your account that would prevent you from accessing their networks.

3.6 Try another SIM

Remove your own SIM and try another. Does it work? If yes, then the problem is with your SIM card or service provider account. Get a replacement SIM from your service provider and test to see if it works. If not, take it into your service provider’s store for them to solve the riddle.

If the different SIM does not work and you can’t get a Wi-Fi connection, then continue on to the Wi-Fi Not Working section. If the different SIM does not work but you can connect to the Wi-Fi, then it’s likely an issue with your phone, continue on to 3.6.1.

                3.6.1 Update your iPhone software if you have an active Wi-Fi connection

Settings -> General -> Software Update

                3.6.2 If there is no software update available, check for an update to carrier settings

Settings -> General -> About

Wait to see if a carrier update pops up and accept it if so.

               3.6.3 You’ve run out of options

Time to hit the Apple shop!


Wi-Fi Not Working

1. Check Airplane Mode is off

Settings ->Airplane Mode (should be off – grey)

2. Check Wi-Fi is on

Settings -> Wi-Fi (should be on – green)

3. Switch phone on and off again

Hold down the On/Off button and then slide across the toggle to switch off your phone. Wait 10 seconds and then switch on your phone again.





4. Check there is an active connection

Settings -> Wi-Fi -> should have a network with a tick next to it at the top of the page

If there is not an active connection:

4.1 Connect to a network

Settings -> Wi-Fi -> select network from ‘Choose a Network’ list and enter password

If there is an active connection:

4.2 Try and connect to a different Wi-Fi network

Settings -> Wi-Fi -> select network from ‘Choose a Network’ list and enter password

If this doesn’t work, there is likely a problem with your phone.

              4.2.1 Update your iPhone software

Connect your iPhone to a computer with Internet access and iTunes and update your phone.

             4.2.2 Reset your Network Settings

Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings

You will then need to set up your networks (including entering passwords) again.

If this works, there is a problem with your network.

             4.2.3 Reset your modem

Reset the Wi-Fi modem and try again to see if iPhone Internet not working still.


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