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iPhone SMS Backup with Dr. Fone from Wondershare


Short Message Service (SMS) has delighted users for decades. Before VoIP and over the top applications like WhatsApp put the ability to chat and even conduct voice calls for free in every phone, text messages or SMS were the quickest way to get in touch with people without disturbing them.

SMS are still pretty popular. If numbers are to be believed, globally people send out more than 23 billion text messages a day. Some are short and to the point, enquiring after the well-being of near and dear ones. Some are professional messages that do not want to get lost in the busy WhatsApp inbox. And some even have tagged attachments.

The bottom line is, text messages are far from obsolete.

They still convey a sizeable chunk of data that people share with each other. And they are not going to completely disappear any time in the near future.

This is the reason why backing up text messages is essential.

SMS, iPhones & Backups

iPhones are elite devices that allow users to communicate in two ways through messages.

The first option is the traditional SMS. People who rely on these short messages to carry out the bulk of their interaction with their network circle often go in for message packs that render sending free of cost.

The second option utilizes the data plan of the carrier or the telecommunication provider to send messages to other Apple users. This elite and exclusive privilege is branded as the iMessage.

iPhones are robust.

But they are susceptible to many of the problems that Android and Windows devices also face. These include liquid damage, processor overheating, device trauma, virus corruption and obviously accidental deletions. These instances lock out important information.

And backing up SMS as a habit can stand you in good stead.


Creating iPhone SMS Backup


Before we talk about Dr. Fone and the advantages of the utility, it is important to understand why iTunes and the iCloud may not be the best option for creating a backup.

iTunes is an offline platform but the file system of the application is extremely confusing. iCloud is an online counterpart of iTunes but it is often incapable of creating a backup if the WiFi connection is not strong.

And both alternatives save all the data in the connected device. They do not allow you to selectively focus on text messages.

In direct contrast, Dr. Fone is a secure, streamlined alternative that creates backups of only the data you want to save – right down to the exact file or the message to your hard disk, at a location you specify.

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So let’s get started.


1.     Connect the iPhone from which you wish to back up the SMS to a computer that has Dr. Fone installed on it. You can do this with the provided USB cable.


2.     Launch the software application – Dr. Fone from Wondershare and from the home screen choose the fourth option in the navigation – “More Tools”. Then click on “iOS Data Backup & Restore”.


how to backup SMS from iPhone



3.     As soon as you do this, the data category selection screen comes on. This ensures that you select only Messages & Attachments and the relevant information is extracted from the connected iPhone device. If you are not seeking to backup images and they are still saved to your computer’s hard disk, it wastes your time and your disk space. Tick the appropriate checkbox and hit the “Backup” button.

how to perform iPhone SMS backup


4.     Allow the system to back up the information. The scan is triggered automatically without your intervention. A progress bar notes the time to completion.

how to backup iPhone SMS


5.     The last step of the sequence is the selection of the exact text messages you would like to backup. Using the directory to the left of the screen, click on the nodes titled “Messages” and “Message Attachments”. From the display to the right, tick the items you wish to save. You can select individual items or all the available data in bulk. The search bar facilitates calling up SMS by sender or recipient name. With all the files checked, click on “Export to PC” and guide the system to a folder that you can re-visit any time.

how to backup SMS on iPhone



The process saves the text messages as HTML files. And there is no confusion around where they are stored. Dr. Fone is a master at iPhone SMS backups!

Recapping the sequence:

  • Connect the iPhone to Dr. Fone from Wondershare.
  • Select “More Tools” and choose “iOS Data Backup & Restore”.
  • Tick the checkbox next to “Messages & Attachments” and allow backup creation and the subsequent scan.
  • Export the text messages to a convenient location.



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