iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

You see it. That black screen with the iTunes symbol and USB connector cord glowing on your screen. Even when you switch off your iPhone and switch it on again, it comes back. Is your iPhone stuck in recovery mode?

This may be the first time that you’ve come across the dreaded recovery mode or it may be something that has happened to you multiple times in the past. Either way, it’s one of the most frustrating and possibly a scary thing that can happen to your phone.

The recovery mode can get triggered in a number of ways. The most common way that you end up in this mess is by trying to download the latest version of iOS. You can get stuck if you put it in recovery mode to fix an issue that has come up. It also happens if you’ve tried to jailbreak your phone and you made a mistake somewhere along the line.

Here we provide the top two solutions for getting yourself out of the dreadful recovery mode. If you’re 100% sure you’ve backed up everything you need on your phone or don’t care what is wiped, then you can continue along with the first method of recovery via iTunes.

If you’re not sure if you’ve backed up or just want to be careful that you don’t lose anything, then head down to recovery method number two – using the Dr. Fone software by Wondershare.


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Method #1: Sure you’re backed up?

If you are sure that all your important information has been downloaded to iTunes or the iCloud for recovery, then one solution to your problem will be to perform a factory reset on your phone.

To perform factory reset, you need to do what your iPhone is telling you: plug in your iPhone via USB to your computer and start the recovery process via iTunes. The process supports iOS versions all the way up to the current iOS9.

Once you plug in your phone and open up iTunes, you will see a message notifying you that your iPhone is stuck in recovery mode and that you’re going to have to restore it. If this message doesn’t pop up, then you will need to power off your iPhone and power it on again until you see this message.



If you are now absolutely sure that you want to continue, click Restore. A reminder that all your data will be lost up until your last backup – which if you’ve never backed up before means everything.


Method #2: The safer solution

The safest way to get your phone out of recovery mode is by using Dr. Fone by Wondershare. This software makes it easy to restart your iPhone in regular mode without any data loss.

The software is available for download to your PC or Mac, and offers a number of other useful tools that can help you manage your iPhone better.

This includes data recovery when you’ve previously done a factory reset  or had mistakenly deleted important files. You can recover using the device itself, via iTunes or iCloud. You can also repair the operating system if you’re having troubles with your latest iOS update (getting the Apple white screen or just a black screen on start up etc.).

Once you’ve downloaded the software to your computer, open it up and you’ll get the following window:



From here, all you need to do is click on the tab marked Fix iOS to Normal. You’ll see the following screen. Take note that you’ll be updated to the latest iOS version after restoring your phone, your phone will be locked if it was already locked before your issue, and you will revert to a non-jailbroken state if your iPhone has been jailbroken. This method will not cause any data loss.


Once you press ‘Start‘, you will be asked to connect your iPhone to the computer via USB before the recovery process can initiate.

You will need to confirm your phone type and version within the Dr. Fone software. This lets Dr. Fone find and download the right firmware to use with your iPhone. If you’re sure the details are correct, press Download.



The firmware is being downloaded. This step shouldn’t take too long to complete.




Wait for the recovery process to complete. This may take some time. Make sure you’re not using your phone during the recovery process, even if things flash up on the screen. Using your phone when recovery is still incomplete may render your phone unusable. Be patient. There is a progress bar at the bottom of the screen so you can gauge how long you have until the process is completed.



Once the recovery process is successfully completed, your phone will be fixed again, up to date with the latest version of iOS and most importantly, without any data loss. So worry no more if your iPhone stuck in recovery mode, this dilemma can be fixed in just a few clicks!


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