iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

Is your iPhone stuck on Apple logo? You’d be thinking right now that you might lose everything or even have to buy a new phone. Your iPhone is stuck in the endless reboot cycle a.k.a. the never-ending Apple logo.

Here are some of the reasons that your iPhone has managed to get into this seemingly hopeless looping mess:

  • You were trying to restore your iPhone via iTunes and it got stuck
  • Your unlock button stopped working
  • You were trying to update iOS to the latest version and it’s now frozen with the Apple symbol
  • Your phone is cycling between a blank screen and the Apple logo
  • The Apple white logo of death just happened during regular operation of your phone


Whichever of these situations you have found yourself in, worry no more. Instead of wasting your time taking a trip all the way to the Apple store, why not fix the phone yourself? We have some handy tips that will save you from lining up in the busy Apple store. It’s not a tricky process – anyone can do it!

First of all, you would want to try the old trick of switching your phone off and then turning it on again. Wait at least ten seconds after you’ve switched it off to ensure all systems have completely shut down before switching it back on again. Often this is enough to get it out of the loop.

If this doesn’t work (or you’ve already tried it), then you will have to proceed to a slightly longer method of waking the phone up. The process is totally safe, meaning you won’t lose any data from your phone.

Follow these steps to help get your phone out of the endless loop.

Step 1. Head over and download Dr. Fone to your computer. It is developed by Wondershare who are experts in iPhone data recovery and fixing systems. This is a piece of software that helps you do some tricky things with your iPhone and iPad when it is “misbehaving”. It can be downloaded on a PC or Mac computer and works on these iPhone models – 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6S, and the Plus versions. It is also applicable to all the versions of the iPad.



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Step 2. Install the software to your preferred location.

Step 3. Open the Dr. Fone program from your installation directory.

Step 4. You will see at the top of the program options for ‘Recover from iOS Device’, ‘Recover from iTunes Backup File’, ‘Recover from iCloud Backup File’ and ‘Fix iOS to Normal’. The first three options are for your iPhone data recovery. We won’t go into these options but they are handy tools to use should you experience any sort of data loss. Click on Fix iOS to Normal at the rightmost portion.



Step 5. Plug your device into the computer by using your USB cord to attach the two.

Step 6. You will be presented with a window showing all the different modes that your phone might be stuck in. Here we see an example of an iPhone stuck on Apple logo (white screen) but you can also get stuck in other modes. Dr. Fone can fix your phone should you find yourself facing any one of these screens in the future. Note that it also says that your iOS version will be updated to the latest version after your device is fixed. Press the Start button to jumpstart the repair process.



Step 7. This is where you will need to confirm the make and model of your iPhone so that Dr. Fone can download the firmware updates required to update to the latest version of iOS. Look over the details carefully. If they’re not correct, choose the correct one from the list. After which, click on Download.



Step 8. Wait for your firmware to download. You will see the progress by the bar along the bottom of the screen. It may take a little while depending on the speed of your Internet connection.



Step 9. After the firmware has downloaded, Dr. Fone will now proceed with the repair. This may also take a while. Leave the software to run and don’t ever touch your phone during the process. If you try and use it, you may end up rendering it useless.



Step 10. Once the software has finished fixing your phone, it will be ready to use again! You’ll have the latest version of iOS already and all your data will still be there residing on your device. Unplug your phone from the computer and shut down the Dr. Fone software to complete the process.

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